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    Re: New England and North West Slopes and Plains

    i love that jam =)

    its not tobys anymore either, its a custom blend from a newish small roaster in Sydney, cant remember the name sorry.


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      Time to update this thread too...lots of changes in the NW of NSW for coffee.

      No longer am I the barista at Wee Waa Bakery. However, I may sometimes be doing a "guest barista" role on Saturday mornings, so if you're passing through, you might get lucky! However, be assured that I've been instrumental in the training of my fellow ex colleagues, including the my replacement and I am happy with what they are doing. You should still expect to get a very good coffee here, better than anywhere else local (a big call I know but I do know what else is being done in the district coffee wise.)

      Meanwhile, the Goldfish Bowl in Armidale has moved to being the "Goldfish Bowl Bakery" and has also sold their "hole in the wall" to another passionate coffee person. So, if you're visiting Armidale, try "The Goldfish Bowl Bakery" Shop 3, 160 Rusden Street. Their sourdough is also worth mentioning!

      I can't speak for the old Goldfish Bowl as I have not been there to try it as yet.

      The "Out the Back" Cafe in Inverell is also still doing a great coffee but yes, as stated earlier, no longer with Toby's Estate beans. I did see the roaster's name the other day and I forgot to write it down!

      "Canter" in Scone is closed. The property was sold and the restaurant was closed as a result. I haven't heard if the owners have started elsewhere. A shame really as it was for me a great halfway stop on a trip to Sydney!

      "Immrama" in Tamworth is also now no longer. It is a great woodfired pizza restaurant instead!

      Meanwhile, try Addimi Espresso, but for me personally, I am constantly astounded at their disdain at me when I go and order my standard coffee of long black with cream. Even the owner himself the other day, seemed to be making my coffee on pain of death and no where near filled my cup. They use Allpress coffee.

      Also in Tamworth is Cafe 2340 in White Street. Named after Tamworth's postcode, so if you forget, just remember that. Serving Merlo coffee but at least the service is far better and last there, the young barista was still doing his amazing coffee art on your flat whites or lattes!

      Tamworth is also home to a couple of roasters, Antilles and The Coffee Bean Roasting House. So you will find their coffee being sold through various cafes throughout Tamworth and the region. However, if you like Coffeesnob's Espresso Wow, don't be expecting huge things from either of these roasters. They tend towards a very mild coffee that is not huge in flavour as I believe that they are aiming for the untrained country palate that only likes milky coffee drinks.


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        I'll throw another name in the ring for Armidale coffee, Bistro on Cinders, a small cafe/restaurant on Cinders lane behind the post office.

        Had a lunch there on Saturday a weekend or two ago and the coffee served up was absolutely fantastic. So good I went back for seconds.

        By and large the cuisine and culinary delights of Armidale have slipped recently, but every now and again my cynicism bubble is duly popped. This was one such time.


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          Some more updating with regard to Armidale ...

          Goldfish Bowl is still doing excellent coffee though these days they are also roasting as well. They also have an excellent breakfast and lunch menu. Friday lunch time is wood fired pizza time. Last time I was there was in the midst of a rare Armidale heat wave and they were serving cold brew as well. One thing that never changes! Goldfish Bowl has a regular period of hibernation in January. They can be hardly blamed for that though - most of Armidale hibernates in January.

          Bistro in Cinders has always been a personal favorite of mine. Now that I live in Brisbane it's the place I most miss. They have put a lot of effort into improving their coffee over the years, but it's the food that really stands out. (They hibernate over the Christmas / January period as well.)

          One place yet to be mentioned is Altitude. They have been roasting and serving their own coffee for several years ago. IMHO they may not be as technically excellent as Goldfish Bowl, but I prefer their blend. They also supply several other places in the neighbourhood. They are open all year round which is a real plus in January.

          And there are several other place that do an acceptable job. For its size, I think Armidale is particularly well served with regard to coffee.

          Best wishes, Russell


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            Had a very nice flat white from the Global Village cafe in Coonamble a few weeks back. Had zero expectation of drinkable coffee (on the basis of my previous visits to this town), but the coffee was very well-made, by a young chap who appeared to care about what he was doing. A very welcome surprise.