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  • Parramatta

    Does anyone know of good coffees to be had in Parramatta? I have a course there on thursday and would love to know if its worth venturing into a cafe. Thanks.

    P.S. I realise ive done this the wrong way around (i.e. started with a question), so move this if im breaking the rules. It just seemed the most obvious place for this question.

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    Re: Parramatta

    Danes Coffee - corner of George St and Charles St, really nice. But might not be that close to you, depending on where you are!


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      Re: Parramatta

      Thanks Christop,

      Ill be on Phillip Street. Will walk for a while if i need to. Will have to check the map.


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        Re: Parramatta

        Tried Danes today.


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          Dane's has changed hands and they are now selling Toby's Estate. I can't say it is the best coffee around here.

          After 2 weeks of working in Parramatta and trying all the bad coffees, I finally found this little take away place on 10 Darcy Street. It is a little alley way. They sell a coffee called Umami coming from their friends.
          I have got a macchiato first. It was nice and I can say it was very high quality coffee. It was a bit cold, and this has been told to them promptly. I have another Latte and that was cold too. I will ask them to increase their brewing temp on their La Marzocco machine or get the milk hotter couple of degrees Celsius.

          There is another cafe opening soon called Circa on 21 Wentworth street. This one will be closer to me and they are very confident about their coffee. They will be roasting too. I will report back in couple of days.

          Picture below is from 10 Darcy street.
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            Circa on 21 Wentworth has been there for a while now - and the one you visited from Darcy St - 3 Ropes is actually the same guys from Circa.

            Had some pretty good ones from them. Thumbs up from me!


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              Circa must be going under some renovation than. Yes, I went to Circa first and he recommended the 3 Ropes.


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                Basically the 3 good cafes I know in Parramatta are:

                Circa Espresso - 21 Wentworth St
                Three Ropes - Darcy Lane
                Mars Hill - Church St

                These 3 are on par with the best cafes in the CBD/inner west.

                Haven't been to Dane's, but the huge size is a bit of a put-off for me.