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    Originally posted by Lovey View Post
    Tylers Kitchen
    4 Kuppa Avenue
    Malua Bay (a few km’s south of Batemans Bay)

    Restaurants and good coffee don’t normally go hand in hand, but this newly opened place is an exception. They’re using a La San Marco 2 group and a Mazzer grinder (don’t know which model), and the coffee is from Single Origin roasters in Surry Hills.

    I had an espresso before the meal and a flat white to finish off with. The espresso was pulled a bit short, like a ristretto, but was very tasty with great body and crema. The flat white was also great, with the coffee cutting nicely through the milk. The meals were superb, with the chef/s using regional produce. A highly recommended restaurant to visit.
    An update on this restaurant, it has unfortunately closed down.


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      Originally posted by Lovey View Post
      There is a fabric shop called Stephs which has a hole in the wall cafe, just up the hill slightly from the Holden dealer and on the same side of the road, could that be the one?
      Yep, that's it.


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        Alfresco roasters has opened a second shop in Batemans Bay on North Street. The coffee is great and they have a choice of 2 or 3 blends (sometimes a single origin) available.
        The Farm Gate oyster shed at Wray Street has put a coffee shop inside a shipping container next door to it. The coffee there is fantastic and there's a nice outlook over the northern side of the Clyde river. It's a bit hard to find, but it's nice and quiet and well worth the effort.


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          Good to know, hopefully I might be able to check out at least one of those if we make it over to visit the in laws this year.