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  • Ona Fyshwick is my choice at the moment, not been to Cosmorex, will post when I do.


    • I've started getting beans from van der veen coffee @ mawson (Colombian Supremo) - quite nice and reasonably priced $32k/g


      • Another local roastery to try. Looks like we Canberrans are getting more spoiled for choice every month!


        • Originally posted by smokey View Post
          Ona Fyshwick is my choice at the moment, not been to Cosmorex, will post when I do.
          I buy my beans from Cosmorex and have been very happy with the choice and quality.

          I have never been there for a weekday coffee but sadly, the coffee produced by their weekend barista(s) was not to my liking ... doesn't stop me going back for beans.


          • I lucked out today. My IGA had some Comsmorex "Rio Gold" that wasn't there last week, so it must be pretty new. Just poured it and got an amazingly thick, long shot. Got some of Andy's "EspressoWow" coming in the post too, looking forward to trying it. Still fighting this very unpleasant cold/flu (hopefully it's not whooping cough...) but at least I've got plenty of coffee to keep me warm.


            • Originally posted by Gadget View Post
              I have been on the look out for coffee enjoyment in Canberra. There is variety like anywhere!

              You will find Veneziano in a number of Cafes. Red belly Black, Hobart Place, City; a take awayin Campbell IGA shop, some other spots in city. Quality depends on Preparation.

              Crema Diction in Fishwyck uses Monte coffee (another melb blend). I like their coffee.

              Coffee Guru is a local franchise or chain. Like all of them, it depends on the prep! I have found the Woden Plaza cafe to be ok. CoffeeGuru uses Monte coffee, though a different blend from Crema Diction.

              Large local roaster Cosmorex supplies many cafes. I havent tried much of their offerings at cafes, Silo Bakery at Kingston is an excellent example of Cosmorex coffee prepared well.

              Byron Bay coffee grower Jindebah has roasting facility in Canberra. They roast all of the beans we know well at CS. Roastery has cafe attached in Mitchell. i worked out at mitchell for a while and would call in for a coffee. Often would have a SO and a blend for choice. One for milk drink one for espresso.

              In the city (Garema Place) is Gus cafe. They use classic (maybe ancient) lever machine. the place is an institution. Next to it are two other cafes. I have tried one of them, they take their coffee fairly seriously.

              I think that you will find enough places to enjoy!
              Since I posted this in October 2007 coffee in Canberra has continued to grow and develop.

              Big news locally has been Canberra's Sasa Sestic wins Australian Barista Championship!

              Local ABC covered the story, as you would expect.

              Canberra's Sasa Sestic wins Australian Barista Championship - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

              Sasa runs Ona coffee. When there was only one Ona, at Manuka - I had an espresso at his cafe. Prepared by Sasa, with his hat on. I usually shy away from espresso, short black, whatever you call it, because there is nowhere to hide the taste. Anyway, this espresso was exquisite. Sweet in the right places, good at the front and back of the mouth. It still tasted good 15 minutes later. Sasa expertly brought together the four elements which make for good coffee. That probably in 2009. I have had all sorts of coffee in many highly rated establishments since ( yes, I do mean Melbourne ) and haven't tasted better.

              So congratulations Sasa for your perseverance and success!


              ps: quoting yourself is bad practice.
              pps: glad to see that the ACT is recognised in the Coffeesnobs forum title after initially being a separate jurisdiction, then subsumed into NSW. We make our own coffee, we should be allowed to make our own laws.
              ppps: not all of Sasa's employees have his skills at making coffee (ok by me), not all of his customers have the acuity of taste to notice.
              pppps: I have been waiting for a good reason to make my 100th post!
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              • And now Sasa from ONA has taken on the world and won Canberra's Sasa Sestic wins World Barista Championship 2015 in Seattle
                Congratulations Sasa!


                • Had a cracking double ristretto at "A Bakery" opposite the Nishi Building, using Two before Ten Beans.
                  Tried a number of other places too - but their's was by far the best


                  • Yep. I miss having the main Two Before Ten outlet open near my work. The food at 'A. Baker' is also very good.


                    • I agree on A Baker. Also Mocan and a Green Grout which is near A Baker does a great espresso, they use a Two before Ten organic blend which is crackingingly good.


                      • I went and visited Two Before Ten's new home in Aranda during the week. The car park is still in need of a resurface after a decade or more of abandonment, and a lack of signage meant I had trouble telling which door I was meant to use to get in to the cafe -I think I initially went for trhe door to their sectioned off roastery, and I then had trouble finding a menu - no menu on the wall behind the counter, no menus on tables, I and I didn't initially notice the stack of A4 print out menus on a table to the side of the counter, but once I was in and placed an order - an espresso and a brisket and onion toastie, it was fantastic.
                        I don't normally drink espresso, I usually will go for a milky instead, but I'll use espresso to test how good a cafe actually is, and TBT did not disappoint. I've got no idea the origin, but I think it was the best espresso I've ever tasted. A little bit acidic, a little bit sweet, low bitterness, smooth crema and mouthfeel.
                        The food was decent too. The range wasn't overly large, and a lot of the menu items didn't really pop out for me, but the beef brisket and onion toastie that I ordered was great. Full of flavour, good ratio of meat to cheese to onion, served with a rocket salad on the side. The only thing I didn't really like was that it was served on a board, and that particular trend has never really sat well with me, though it wasn't the worst thing to serve in that style.


                        • From one snob to another, coffee in Canberra has gotten so much better in the last three years! Worth a try are Tupelo (Alinga St, Civic), Eighty Twenty (Braddon) and Coffee Lab (Canberra Centre).


                          • Is Tupelo located in on the bus interchange where the old Sunrise Cafe was? If so I missed its opening while overseas.


                            • Originally posted by Barry O'Speedwagon View Post
                              Is Tupelo located in on the bus interchange where the old Sunrise Cafe was? If so I missed its opening while overseas.
                              Not sure as I don't think I ever saw Sunrise but I'm sure Google Maps will help you out. Good jaffles too.


                              • +1 to Tupelo - putting Code Black beans to good use.

                                Also had some good coffee at both the Cupping Room and Harvest on a recent work trip - but will miss TBT from that neck of the woods.