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    Was travelling over Easter and stopped in at the Merino Cafe in Gunning (30 odd kms towards Sydney from Yass) they do a great range of food (little on the high price side but the quality is there). And too my surprise the coffee wasnt bad either, wouldnt rate it as great but they put a double shot in a 12oz ta as standard. No signage as to who the roaster was and they were a little under the pump at the time so I didnt enquire.

    Well worth a visit.

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    Re: Hume Hwy

    Just got back from Canberra today and dropped in to a place in Bookham (just past Yass Melbourne side) just off the hwy called Barneys, the kitchen was closed so all they had were pies (gourmet and very tasty) so cant comment too much on the food. The coffee was not too bad, impressed by the silky milk although my cap wasnt quite frothy enough. No idea what coffee they used as there wasnt any signage (wasnt really in the mood to chat up the staff and find out).

    Would recommend it for a reasonable coffee and the food is better than average.