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  • Southern Highlands?

    Any recommendations in the Bowral/Moss Vale area? Should have packed the PV Lusso ....

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    I bit late but Coffee Culture in Bowral is my favourite, Palate Pleasure is pretty good too.


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      I've had some nice piccolos at brewsters in mittagong too. Don't open weekends which is a bit silly in this area.


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        Dropped in at 'The General Store' in Exeter on way back from Kang. Valley. Didn't look much from the outside, but inside is a well presented cafe / bakery and artisan food shop. Had a flat white that was really quite nice....a touch bitter at first (but that could have been the crema) but I really enjoyed it. My companions were also impressed with their long black and latte. I've typically had some very disappointing coffee experiences in the Southern Highlands, and this was a refreshing and unexpected change. Great pies too.


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          Heading down to Berrima/Bowral for a couple of days next week.
          I'm surprised by how quiet this thread is. Don't know why, but I thought there would be more.
          Any other places that CSers have visited lately that are worth mentioning?



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            As a former denizen of the area, I recommend Rush Roasting in the Grand Arcade. They sell their coffees as well, and are happy to discuss them (customer demand intruding). They will tell you what they are serving today of course.

            Brewsters in Mittagong has changed hands since its mention above. I do not believe it has improved. Also in Mittagong, Shaggy Cow is an Illy coffee place but for food and service it is excellent if you are passing through.

            if you are there during the week, try cakes at the Bowral Cafe. They often do special prices not available on weekends or in tourist seasons. Anther coffee place worth trying is Station 54 but it was not reliable, and there are many others in Bong Bong street and Corbett Plaza. If you get across to Berrima (only 6 km) then try Two Skinny Cooks, both food and coffee. It is next to the Alpaca shop which is a place to spend a lot of money yet still enjoy it for years. In Moss Vale, try Made By Others.


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              Thanks for your recommendations.
              Rush Roasting in the Grand Arcade in Bowral was spot on. Great coffee, very friendly and happy to discuss the various coffees for sale.
              Two Skinny Cooks in Berrima also served good coffee (and pies), also very friendly.
              Although the shop still exists, Made By Others in Moss Vale no longer have coffee. The two gals "don't feel the need to do that any more" and pointed us to a couple of places across the street.



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                R Coffee Co at Mittagong would have to be good I’m sure.

                Owned and run by Ryan of R Coffee Co Picton and Camden. If the quality is the same at Mittagong which I’m guessing it is you’ll get a fantastic coffee and selection of food.


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                  @Lukemc: R Coffee sounds new to me. We moved away a bit over a year ago. I will keep it in mind when passing through.

                  @Brewster: Glad that Rush and 2SC are as good as before. A pity about Made by Others. Being a shop it had quite a different atmosphere from usual cafes; a shared table with magazines, goods to browse. I guess that they are doing well enough without that effort, which is good for them.


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                    Southern Highlands?

                    Moonacres Cafe in Robertson is serving up Mecca coffee. New. Great looking fit out.

                    R Coffee Co in Mittagong looks and sounds good but haven’t got there yet myself. On the list to check out. Campos coffee.

                    Two Skinny Cooks in Berrima is particularly good for the food. Coffee was decent / above average.

                    Seven Miles coffee roasters are in Mittagong but it was outside business hours last time I passed through so didn’t get to check it out.


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                      Passed through the area on work trip this week and we stopped in at Moonacres Cafe in Robertson. Coffee and food were spot on. It's kind of surreal stepping in to their cafe. Curing meats feature wall on one side. Fire place for winter on the other. A bar area and some tasty sounding local ciders. Any hoo, sadly no alcohol was consumed. Needed to drive to the next work location.

                      Maybe next time.

                      Keen to get to R Coffee Co next time.


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