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  • Enmore?

    Hi all. I'll be staying in Enmore soon, just off Enmore road, halfway between Stanmore road and Newtown station. Any recommendations in that area?


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    Some options, in order of distance away from you - in the direction of Newtown. Back towards Stanmore Rd, I couldn't help you. I don't need to venture down that far with all these good options in Newtown (which is where I am)!

    This isn't comprehensive, but it's all the cafes that I personally like.

    1. Shenkin Kitchen is on Enmore Rd, I think they do coffee there. Otherwise it's a wander down to King St and down Erskineville Rd to their flagship Shenkin Cafe for some excellent coffee (Supplied by Mecca) and food.

    2. You can also check out Brewtown Newtown after 9am further up into Newtown, on O'Connell St. Very delicious, in house roasted coffee (and the best cronuts I've ever come across.)

    3. Even further along, just left off King St onto Missenden Rd is the original Campos store, obvs with Campos coffee.

    4. If you get this far, and if you're into more of the Melbourne style slightly lighter roasted coffee, further up King St, almost on the corner of Queen St is 'Handcraft' who are running Proud Mary. Their coffee is excellent. Just the one barista, and he's meticulous.


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      Realising that I only gave you one actual Enmore location. Can't speak for Scrambled, or Silverbean, but they're options that have google reviews. But as a snob I've never heard of any reputation they have.


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        Thanks readeral.


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          Its a bit of a walk but coffee alchemy is just in the next suburb. Along with campos. Also cow and moon has award winning affogato gelato.