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  • Macquarie Park, NSW

    After having to "bin" some of the slop that they sell in the Macquarie Park Business Area I have finally found a reasonably decent coffee at Thomas Holt Roasters. Anyone recommend any other places in the area?

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    Unfortunatelly I haven't found one after almost a year of working in that area. Someone mentioned that there's a roastery/coffee shop somewhere in the area but I was unable to locate it yet.
    You're in luck if you like the coffee at Thomas Holt Roasters. I went there twice, once for long black then a short black and I was dissapointed both times.
    I'm surviving on V60 made in the morning and stored in a thermos .


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      They all have little to no idea. Fresh beans would be a good start. Closest place of any substance is Siboni's on the highway at Pymble.


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        Well the bar is fairly low in the area and I do take my mid-morning coffee from home. But as I said, many are so bad I have to throw them out. Undrinkable. The Lockup at Pymble was ok last time I was there. Of course it all depends on who is behind the machine at the time.