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Good coffee around Kogarah?

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  • Good coffee around Kogarah?

    I will be going to Sydney for a few days. Staying with a friend who (while Italian) serves the worst coffee I've had for years. She has a capsule machine. I don't know what kind of capsules she uses, but the result was worse than any capsule I have ever tasted. Worse than instant! (oh, just remembered, she has cappuccino capsules, with powdered milk) She proudly announced that she used to have an espresso machine, but this is so much better and, of course, easier.
    So, having had one cup the last time I was there (wasn't staying with her then) I will have to tell her that I am off coffee. :-)
    So, I will be really desperate while there. Won't have a car, so need to find coffee either near her house (Monterey) or Kogarah Station. I will be going into town too, but (even though I used to live there) I seem to keep getting lost, so any coffee would need to be near a railway station. I would be willing to catch a train anywhere, just for my cup

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    I've tried the coffee at Salad Bar (13 Montgomery St Kogarah) just down from the police station on the way to the station is the best around


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      There's a new contender for anyone looking. "Stay Handsome" is what it's called, I believe, and it's just a bit further southeast on Montgomery St and on the opposite side of the road to the police station. They have people who really care about delivering proper espresso...