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    Ristretto & Co.
    156 Northumberland St, Liverpool.
    Opposite the outdoor carpark near Westfield, next to the church. Great coffee, great food! It's on a very narrow block that requires you to walk past the kitchen to get to seating etc out the back. Has a good laneway vibe that really doesn't otherwise exist around these parts. Campos beans.

    Cream & Co Cafe
    42 Epsom Rd, Chipping Norton.
    Have only had their coffee, but it's legit. They have a 3 group LM Linea and 3x Mazzer grinders of various sizes. Not sure of the beans but have a SO of the week on rotation.

    Black Elk Espresso
    600 Kurrajong Rd, Carnes Hill. Next to the library.
    Great food. Coffee is reasonable, but flavour-wise it's "safe" tasting and lacks punch. Drink the coffee when you go there for the food, not the other way around. Otherwise it's an awesome cafe in an area sorely lacking in decent cafes.

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    The cafe on the corner of the park next to the hospital does decent coffee too - Campos.


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      Google Maps tells me that it is called "The Shed by Ristretto and Co" so it's run by the people I mentioned above, will have to check them out next time I'm there.


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        Love these forums. Was in chipping Norton this morning thinking where can I walk to get a decent coffee. Found a list of places on google maps but didn't like the look of them when I got there, then I thought aha, why don't I check on CS. Turns out I was close to Ristretto & Co, and they did not disappoint. Nice place, good vibe and good coffee. Good find level3ninja!