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Caffeine Espresso - Teneriffe Brisbane

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  • Caffeine Espresso - Teneriffe Brisbane

    This is my favorite coffee stop in Brisbane.

    Caffeine Espresso is at 100 Commercial Rd, Teneriffe.
    They roast their own on a Diedrich IR12 and a K10 and GB5 take care of espresso duties.
    This is the place I frequent most in Brisbane due to their unique coffee style and consistency. I always start with a milk based drink in the morning and the piccolo I order is perfect. The blend they generally use is sweet and buttery and compliments the milk well without getting lost, even in full size milk drinks. The espresso is nice, but it does highlight the fact that they are using double ristretto bases for their coffee. Although Im not usually a fan of this style the combination of roast/machine/method makes it a very drinkable cup. In the espresso the milks buttery texture really stands out and the flavours are sweet yet smooth yet surprisingly balanced. Just a hint of spice in just the right places balances it off perfectly.

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    Re: Caffeine Espresso - Teneriffe Brisbane

    Mate why dont you like double ristretto for a large milk based drink - is it because of the slightly buttery softer taste of the shorter pour? I am the opposite and dont generally like that more cutting taste of fuller pours (except occasionally with some beans, but generally ristretto pours are the go for my wife and I); I guess it just shows that there is no right or wrong way to make a milk coffee in this regard and it comes down to taste.



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      Re: Caffeine Espresso - Teneriffe Brisbane

      Caffeine is my favorite locally roasted cafe in Brisbane .. my mate Dave is one of the baristas there .. seriously awesome espresso .. oh and they do the most wicked iced lattes on the face of the earth.

      If you havent been .. go check it out .. there krank blend is in my home grinder right now!