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Cremosa Espresso Bars [ Brisbane CBD ]

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  • Cremosa Espresso Bars [ Brisbane CBD ]

    I have 3 favorite cafes I frequent here in Brisbane .. Two of the three use beans roasted here in Brisbane. But my favorite cafe that uses imported beans is Cremosa Espresso Bar .. they have 3 locations in the Brisbane CBD. I frequent the Auora tower cremosa on Queen and the broadway on the mall cremosa on adelaide street the most.

    Cremosa is owned and operated by Fabio Strati who is a good mate and an absolute freak of a barista. I have seen him re poor my latte just because he didnt like the look of it and thats why I keep going back. Cremosa uses Hausbrandt beans which they import from Italy.

    So if your in the Brisbane CBD or Spring Hill area be sure to check out Cremosa .. I am there a lot. If you wanna know more check out the write up I did in my new coffee blog

    If you check out the Queen street location tell him the Canadian named Pete sent you.