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  • Cairns coffee

    After much searching, I have finally found a good coffee shop in Cairns:
    Bang Espresso at 15 Shields Street.
    Nice coffee and knowledgeable staff.
    I had a doppio ristretto which was really good, and a flat white, which was nice, but after the ristretto didnt seem to punch through the milk that well.
    My coffee drinking partner seemed to like her flat white just fine 9and she likes a full flavoured coffee usually), so am thinking that it was just my tastebuds after the first coffee.

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    Cairns Coffee

    Not in any particular order here is a list of the better ones I have found:
    Bang! Espresso on Spence Street (in the Bolands Centre near the Esplanade)
    Ever After on Lake Street almost opposite Woolworths
    Eighty 8 in Edge Hill
    Cafe Fiend (or Kaffe fiend not sure how its spelt) is down one of the little alleyways on Grafton Street.

    And back on topic - how do you go about removing a rogue group seal that doesnt want to come out?  One of them came out perfectly and has been replaced - the other just seems both resistant and brittle at the same time.
    /edit Hard work and persistence saved the day.


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      Re: Cairns coffee

      Stopped in to Cairns this past week while on a cruise holiday
      Found a nice shop in a sea of many coffee establishments
      It was a refreshing surprise to find a gem of a place called " Fluent Espresso Spoken Here " situated on the conner of Shields & The Esplanade Cairns
      Proprietor Brendan Caulfield roasts his own coffee off premisses and one of the reasons I stopped in to sample the coffee
      They run 2 X 3 group La Cimbali a Mazzer & a Ranchilio,looked like an Anfim re-badged grinder also a Ditting out back

      Coffee is ground on demand and was made with love and care
      It was the first nice coffee since leaving home as I have restricted myself to drinking Tea in the Cruise Ship

      The light lunch was also beautiful

      Thanks for the nice coffee Brendan [smiley=thumbsup.gif] you were my life saver mate



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        Re: Cairns coffee

        Cheers for that KK, thats where Ill be heading !


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          Re: Cairns coffee

          [split] [link=][splithere][/link][splithere_end]


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            Re: Cairns coffee

            My Cairns visit:

            1st Luv Coffee (CS Member)
            2nd Nigel from Coffee Plus

            To be honest IMO dont even bother with those listed below. Its actually a list of where not to go or who has the blackest beans in the hopper :

            Ever After - Drinkable
            Bang Espresso - Nasty
            CaF Fiend - Nasty
            Coast Roast "Fluent Espresso" - Nasty
            Skyburys - Worst I have ever tasted

            I did enjoy my visit and really appreciated "Luv Coffees" tour of duty
            another great CS member


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              Re: Cairns coffee

              Had a "latte" at Cockys Cafe on Palm Cove.

              Sour/burnt coffee, 70 degree milk with no texture. This after being without my machine for days and really craving a good coffee.


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                Re: Cairns coffee

                Had one at the resort I was staying at too. Also way too hot and tasted horrible. Just had real bad luck in Cairns.

                Home today, finally had myself a decent cup. Missing the pool, sun and beach but not missing the coffee.


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                  Re: Cairns coffee

                  We were in Cairns in January & loved 12 Bar Cafe in town (Genovese Super Brazil).


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                    46 Lake Street
                    Cairns, QLD 4870

                    On our last visit to the in-laws (out laws!?) I happened to drop into Re:Hab. There is of course plenty of bad coffee in Cairns, but there are a few gems, and I would say this is one of them. It's definitely worth a visit.

                    I tried a very nice short mac - I don't recall the source of the beans. Decor is pretty over the top bohemian, but they pull it off without being cheesy. The breakfasts are highly rated, though I didn't get a chance to try them on that trip. Service was friendly.
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                      Im heading up to Cairns tomorrow for a few weeks and thought i should add that since i go up there often to see my parents there is a good place for coffee to buy and drink. Its called Cruze Coffee and its at 62 Grafton Street Cairns QLD 4870.




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                        Cruze was the best coffee by far on my recent visit (tried most of the others listed above). Problem is it doesn't serve breakfast! Brought a kilo of their Etheopean Djimma beans back with me. It's hard to find tucked away in a little arcade but worth the effort.


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                          I must report back, after my last trip i have to say its still good and the best i have found in Cairns. It also helps when the Gill, the guy who owns it gets to know you as a customer and always has a smile and something to talk about


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                            Cairns coffee

                            Just home from a few days in palm cove. Terrible coffee experience with chill cafe the only exception for us. To be fair we only tried 4 places. The only place to eat for us worth the effort of our special time away was NuNu so perhaps their coffee might be worth a try. They also own and run TheRising Sun which was reported by NuNu staff to be very good. Someone else might give em a try and report back

                            Back in cairns was disappointed in the recently altered and renamed Grind (was Bang). But I don't know if the old weekday staff have been retained. If so weekdays might be good still? It used to be excellent and Supreme Roasters blend there was very much to our liking. The atmosphere seems really different even though not much has changed visibly. I think the new manager was on deck on the weekend?

                            We had coffee at Indi1 Scott st, very good as usual and tried re-hab. After convincing the waiter that we really did want a double flat in their smallest cup size it was a very good coffee (not espresso cup) . The barrister then said he also only drinks double flat from the smaller cup and was a good chatter. The bohemian get up was a bit much but it was all ok.
                            Have been hearing about bobbies on grafting also but will try next time were up for a day

                            Come on nth QLD!


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                              Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar Caloundra. Tim Adams Specialty Coffee. We have been watching Tim build and set up his café on Facebook. So today being a sunny day we took a trip north to see the real thing. WOW!!!!!!!!!!. We were blown away. What a set up. Coffees made with love, passion and commitment. The nectar of Gods. FANTASTIC. Congratulations Tim. Plenty of free parking nearby to stop and enjoy this ambience.