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  • Elixir Coffee - Stafford

    12 Hayward Street,
    Stafford Q 4053

    This is a great roastery on the north side, i dropped by today which was their "dry run" prior to their official opening day of their new retail outlet which is located next door to their roastery warehouse. They have been supplying coffee to cafes around brisbane and interstate for the last couple years.

    Opening day is this coming Tuesday Dec 8th.

    They have an interesting range of blends on offer. A fantastic white pearl La Marz is on display at the front of the cafe.... looks amazing!

    I met the owner, a great guy and he gave me a look at their new 20kg roaster next door. North siders are going to love this place. Would love to see them start to offer single origins, do cupping sessions and such.

    Well worth a visit, im sure this one will be a favourite of locals in no time.

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    Re: Elixir Coffee - Stafford

    Thatss just down the road from me...sounds worth a visit. Ill report back soon


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      Re: Elixir Coffee - Stafford

      Verry nice coffee, smooth and body-ful in the cup, friendly staff and owner (thanks for the warm welcome and tour Renee and Jason), cool relaxed setting inside, and just a stones throw down the road from my church so parking is not a problem....for me anyways.

      That machine is a real pearler ........

      Would look very nice on my bench!!


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        Re: Elixir Coffee - Stafford

        Popped in here the other day and had a short black. Now i only ever drink short blacks occasionally and this one was smooth and buttery is the way i can explain it. My palate has trouble(not yet trained) trying to detect the other flavours . But i was impressed.


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          Re: Elixir Coffee - Stafford

          I am fortunate to be not more than 10 mins from Elixir. The boys had a Tanzanian SO going there yesterday, very nice in milk, excelled as an espresso. Very bright, lots of body, a very good coffee. A crazy looking bean, youll find some beans in the mix 2 1/2 times the size of others, Ill try and get a pic up later today.

          As always, Jason and David are willing to have a chat when able, dont take the missus if she isnt or you arent prepared to have her standing at the door waiting while you just say a quick 15 minute gday to one of the boys as you are leaving ;D And even ran into a bloke I had worked with about 15 years ago as we got there.


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            Re: Elixir Coffee - Stafford

            Have to add my vote to this one. I dropped in while I was up there last week for the Nationals. Feels like a bit of an industrial area but from the second we stepped through the door we felt very welcome. All the staff were friendly, and as we left they each said goodbye even though they were all doing other tasks. It seemed like they were genuinely happy to see us (or maybe they were genuinely happy to see us go!  ;D).

            The coffee was something amazing! We had a latte made with their Velluto blend and my wife and I were both blown away with how smooth and velvety this drink was. Every mouthful was a pleasure and the flavour remained pleasant throughout the entire cup. This is without a doubt one of the best coffees Ive tasted. I dont know what they did but its seriously worth a try. I was compelled to buy a bag of this stuff even though I havent bought roasted beans for probably 18 months now.

            Overall an 11/10 experience and a place Ill definitely visit next time Im in the Thunderstorm State.



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              Re: Elixir Coffee - Stafford

              A great find in the North - I was very impressed with the setting, the decor and the service and the staff, oh and the coffee ofcourse.

              A hit with my wife and her friends who are fast turning it into their "local"


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                Re: Elixir Coffee - Stafford

                Elixir - What a little Gem...

                Usually I can not find a place to park as during the week... Buys area.

                Called in today and great crew.. Counter and pulling shots.

                Had a traditional long Mac of their current SO and quite impressed....

                Have to say... One of the better places on the North side all be it a bit out of the way.... (i.e. not in an area that is all shopping or food focused).