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    Hi All,

    About mid June when up to Townsville on a Defence Exercise and came across this place that had only been open for a short time (I think). Any way, they roast there coffee in store and of coarse sell it. Although Im still kind of new to the coffee game, I was very impressed and would buy more again. Zarragossa Espresso is roasted and blended by Coffee Dominion which is just off the Flinders Mall.

    If you are interested here are some contact details:

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this post, or if I can post this.


    Kenny M
    aka Mr_BonKeRS

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    Re: Zarragossa espresso (Townsville)

    Im a big fan of Coffee Dominion - their owner was particularly helpful with advice on how to restore a commercial machine - and started off as a home roaster (according to local press).


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      Townsville Coffee

      I have had a lot of coffee in Townsville at various cafes, ad most of it mediocre at best.... However, any time Ive been to Coffee Dominion near the Mall I have felt like Ive found an oasis in the desert! Not only do they roast on site but the quality of the range of interesting browns, attention to detail (roast on dates, one way valves etc) ticks all this CSs boxes. The coffee served from the LM and F5 by the staff has been excellent all times Ive visited. Is there any better Coffee in Townsville/Magnetic island?

      Coffee Dominion Corner Ogden & Stokes Streets Townsville, QLD 4810. Ph: 07 4724 0800


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        Re: Zarragossa espresso (Townsville)

        I start to buy the bean (Venezia Primo) from them all the time, since I have my first machine EM6910.
        The staff there was very helpful to help me to choose the accessories and cleaning detergent.
        The bean used to be kept only two weeks old, after that they will be moved to quick sale place and cheaper price.

        However, I found the roast date and label start to become a bit dodgy.
        Some label missed, let me don’t know which one is more fresh.
        Ask them but the answer is all of them are fresh, don’t worry (then where is the date label).

        Then after couple weeks, I got a pack with future date label (I bought the pack at 15 March, the label is 20 March).
        Next time I ask them about this, they kind of think I am stupid to ask the date.

        Just start to feel the date label is not reliable anymore.
        Think about roast my bean now because there is no other bean roaster in Townsville.


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          Re: Zarragossa espresso (Townsville)

          Ive always had pretty good experiences with Coffee Dominion staff, but have found the same thing with the date labels. If they were missing, the staff would usually say it "must have just been roasted".

          You can always ask the staff what they have out the back, and thats all roasted in the few days prior.

          Im roasting myself now, mostly because we go through coffee so fast that it was cheaper doing it ourselves than paying $37/kg.

          Having said that, their Loxo Boxo blend is very good, and Id recommend anyone in the Townsville area who hasnt tried it out to give it a go.



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            Re: Zarragossa espresso (Townsville)

            Coffee Dominion is the only thing that gets me through our yearly sojourn to Townsville for Christmas. I actually started a thread in Good Coffee Where so perhaps a mod can splice the threads. I loved the fact that their grinder next to the big La Marzocco was an F5 same as mine, and even more so that the nice girl seemed outraged that I would have a cafe sized grinder on my bench at home. ;D


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              Re: Townsville Coffee

              @ JOE
              I found exactly the same thing!!
              I ask them about the date, they always look me like I am a idiot.
              And they also display the more than one-week-old bean in the front most of time. (Although its common for every grocery store)
              However, they used to sell the one-week old one for 40%ish off.
              These days they also keep rising the price gradually.
              Now I start to roast my own one as the same reason.
              Had met one of their staff at a party, she also strongly suggest the loxo boxo, I really wonder which is the blend secretary.