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  • Saint Coffee (Clean Skin Coffee Co)

    Saint Coffee (Clean Skin Coffee Co Roastery)
    102/193 South Pine Rd
    Brendale, QLD
    Opening hours - unknown

    Clean Skin Coffee Co have recently opened a coffee bar next to their roastery.

    Although a bit out of the way and hidden in an industrial area it is a pretty cool setup. They have embraced their location by giving the shop a warehouse feel. They have also combined a quirky retro feel with fuseball and an old school gaming unit in the corner. I only had time for a latte today, which was lovely. I have previously bought coffees from the roastery prior to the bar being set up and their piccolos and espressos are absolutely stunning. All the staff are very friendly and happy to chat about all things coffee or otherwise.

    They look like they are also offering pour overs, which I may have to try next time.

    I would highly recommend the trip out for a coffee, and some beans of course.

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    Really nice, it is somewhat out of the way but well worth a visit. Excellent latte


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      My work has recently changed to buying their beans. We have been trialling a few of their premium blends. (Saint, 13, etc)

      As a home roaster I find their roasts very light, Haven't got my card handy but CS5-6 or similar?
      The beans have very little smell when opening the bag even though they should be in their prime (1 -4 weeks after roasting)

      The blends that we get at work taste very chocolatey to my palate. Strong cocoa flavours. Sweet, no acidity.

      Personally I prefer a darker roast, fuller flavour, lots of smell in the bag. And more of a coffee than chocolate taste.
      But they seem to be very popular in the office.


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        There is no way that cleanskin roast to cs5 or 6. Usually stopping at or around second crack for the different blends.
        I have been a regular for a while now and know most of the guys/gals out there and the blends and how they have changed. Done some one on one training with the roaster, he works wonders with espresso. Surprising just how different it can taste by changing the balance of the shot.

        Where do you work Kitestyle3?
        Would like to come in for a coffee


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          Well we are currently on some Nicaraguan blend which is a little darker. When we next open a bag of Saint or 13 or similar, I'll take a pic with my CS card and you can call it.

          Colin I work for a private mining consulting company - randoms ain't coming thru the door ;-)


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            Originally posted by KiteStyle3 View Post
            Well we are currently on some Nicaraguan blend which is a little darker. When we next open a bag of Saint or 13 or similar, I'll take a pic with my CS card and you can call it.

            Colin I work for a private mining consulting company - randoms ain't coming thru the door ;-)
            A pic will be good, I have blend 14 at home now, salted caramel.

            Random's not invited hay, but I might be able to in my work gear , mining fabricating used worldwide.


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              Here's a pic, make of it what you will. I'm not knocking the coffee, just saying that where they class their own roasts as medium, I would call it light/medium. I personally prefer something that reaches out of the bag and punches me, but as stated before the general office consensus is that it's fantastic.


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                Sneaky trip here during lunch yesterday.

                This place is off the charts great! Had an espresso on the Indian Lingapur Estate. Yum! Floral aroma, mellow chocolate body. Then had a piccolo on the Saint blend. Punchy and fruity as ever!

                It was mesmerizing sitting and watching the roaster go about his magic through the glass.


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                  This place has gone through a few changes. Their branding is now very modern and with the times, running with American (imperial) cup sizing art on their paper cups, which are also used at the cafes they supply beans to. I really like it and would buy Cleanskin over any other coffee brand in Brisbane (in fact I'll do more than just cross the road for it).

                  Always a good brew at HQ, even if the vibe feels a little stale/elitist, but that's probably just me.


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                    They roast and sell quite average beans/blends to my taste, I have stopped in a few times, they do have a elite vibe, even their trendy overdone packaging smacks of a place that is beyond being elitist, and you can only buy 250g or 1kg bags, with no dates anywhere on the sealed and on shelf packaging.

                    To my palate their blends taste of a lot of cheap beans bulking out anything premium grade, very mild is how you would describe most of what they do, their Baristas seems of only average skill at best as well, of all the times I have stopped for a cup, the in cup results are on the low side of what you'd expect from a place that roasts coffee.

                    Yes it's better than going to a coffee whatever generic, but lots of better coffee options around Brisbane, oh and they are fairly darn expensive as well.


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                      I thought my own view deserved a follow up, at some point recently they upped the grade of barista in store, they actually poached someone I knew of from another Brisbane store who is one of the best I have encountered behind a machine, meaning if he's on the gear you will get a A+ made cup, so worth mentioning, I think many of us know our coffee places, and get disappointed or happy depending on who we see manning the machine that day...

                      Their new in store cold brew ain't bad either, coffee still overpriced (so much so if you need less than a full kg), but it seems to have improved, though like anything that could be seasonal or batch related.