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    Two years ago whilst on holiday in Port Douglas was wrapt to find a decent coffee at a place called re:hab. Returning this week was devastated to find they have (apparently) moved down to Cairns.

    Thankfully, have found Origin Espresso in Grant Street. They roast and sell a variety of SOs and put out a great cup.

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    Re: Port Douglas

    Holidaying in PD this week, will confirm that Origin Espresso do a great ristretto. Also very friendly, replaced gratis the hot chocolate my daughter tipped all over herself. Food is also good.

    They have recently (not sure when) moved slightly down the same street.


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      Re: Port Douglas

      was just there, and yes, they have moved.
      still do a great coffee, as long as they have the greens.... they had run out and were using some local green beans to roast, which were OK, but not fantastic. They said that to me as well....
      also, they have stopped doing food. although on the day we left they had started to do rasin toast.

      also, dont bother doing the jaques coffee tour. amazing that after such hard work, they dont seem to have the passion.


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        Lived in Port Douglas for much of 2011 and every day had a cup there at Origin, they have moved further down Grant St to reduce rent but it has also given them more room, their old location next to Mockas Pies was a bit too cozy. They are doing food again now.


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          Holidaying ATM in Port Douglas and have visited Origin Espresso a few times. The coffee is pretty good I must admit haven't being disappointed. I think it's pretty cool when the roaster is doing his stuff in the front of the shop in boardies, shirt and barefoot how else would you do it in FNQ? The only bad thing I suppose is that their roasted coffee comes in brown bags that's not vac sealed.


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            Holidayed at PD in September and found Origin Espresso to be producing great coffee. Not serving food any more, but is expanding into the neighboring premises to move his 10kg Has out of the cafe. Good friendly service.


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              Origin is great.
              They sell beans out of his roastery(?)
              He runs a 3 group slayer which is quite a wonderful machine IMHO


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                I quite liked the coffee at Origin.
                Best I could find during my short stay in PD.


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                  We're heading back to PD in 5 weeks for the first time since my initial post in this thread so glad to hear that Origin is still going well and I'll know where to head to for my coffee fix.


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                    a yank here who used to live in aussie... an observation and a question

                    we discovered origin in PD about a year ago, and are going back to PD again in a couple of days, looking forward to it. excuse my usa-centric comparisons, but if memory serves, origin was quite literally every bit as good as the famous "third wave" (cutting edge, bright, acidic espresso), places in los angeles and san francisco.

                    on the same trip last year, we went to industry one, in cairns and it was also fabulous. what else should we try in cairns on our way up to PD?

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                      Having spent alot of time up there i can suggest two places. The first one in cairns is cruze coffee. The second place is headind a little out of cairns just after the airport going towards Port Douglas and its called Sipping duck coffee roasters. Both are very different in style but fantastic in there own way.


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                        Just back from Cairns, Origin in Grant St. Port Douglas is great, good food and very good double shot piccolos, best coffee at the moment in Port Duglas.


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                          Sparrow espresso on Macrossan St. Had a fantastic espresso there yesterday, well balanced layers of complexity. They use Allpress coffee. Today's espresso was different, didn't have the intensity of yesterday's, pale crema, approached with some apprehension but goodness me it was sensational tasting. So again the barista made all the difference.

                          And yes Origin espresso is still going strong with a couple of brew methods. Consistency is their strength when it comes to espresso as I had an espresso there yesterday and today and it was sensational. However milk texturing was sub par yesterday in my latte (I let the barista know while chatting today and he was happy to get the feed back which is good to see) and spot on today.

                          Both well worth the visit.



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                            Been away from PD for almost two years. Always went to Origin. Went back today. The coffee was good as ever, but they only offer paper takeaway cups now. Bad form on that. Bit ironic that Origin is tucked away from the main touristy area, yet still only offers paper cups. Once again, coffee was good as ever though. Just talked to the shop keep about it... Because it's the slow season, he only carries two staff so nobody to wash dishes. During busy tourist season he carries more staff to wash dishes and serves in proper cups. Fair enough. You can also bring your own proper espresso cup and they will serve you in that.

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                              I just got back from Cairns. Took a Daintree Rainforest/Cape Tribulation tour that had an hour free time in Port Douglas. Not that difficult to find Origin. 3 group Slayer is most likely version 1 and had a very enjoyable flat white. Bought a 250 gram bag of their blend to try out with my setup here in HK. I equally enjoyed the lattes from Silk Cafe and Semra in Cairns.