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    Great thread, that's coffee sorted for the 5 days we're out there. Any other places worth trying in the area? What's the deal with Jaques?


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      Sparrow has been the best so far, a consistent espresso every morning throughout the different baristas. Mackas (the pie place, not the golden arches) and Grant St Bakery both were good enough, using fresh roasted probably South American beans with a lot of acidity although the former's espresso was perhaps a tad long for my tastes.

      Tried Origins, arrived a bit early, the chap was still setting up. As he saw me stop he dead-eye-smiled and before I could say anything said "we open at 6.30". I asked "do you know what time you'll have the Dukes' Donuts" (apparently a famous thing around here of which they seem to be the main distributor in PD) and before I could finish he exagerated his dead-eye smile and repeated louder "we open at 6.30" then walked away. Felt very welcome indeed. I'll probably still try it eventually (after 6.30 of course) since it is the "best" as per here... Is it rude in Oz to talk to staff before opening time?

      Not PD strictly speaking but WHET in Cape Trib had a very good steak. Unfortunately the coffee was as bad as the steak was good: stale, long, no crema... like a French airport chain bakery! I only finished it because I needed to be awake for the 2h drive back to PD...


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        Originally posted by coffeechris View Post
        Having spent alot of time up there i can suggest two places. The first one in cairns is cruze coffee. The second place is headind a little out of cairns just after the airport going towards Port Douglas and its called Sipping duck coffee roasters. Both are very different in style but fantastic in there own way.
        Thanks for the recommendation. Cruze was great. I was a bit apprehensive at seeing so many varietals in plastic containers but turns out they are doing a ton of business and the one I picked ("Australian" SO... didn't have time to ask from where) had been roasted a mere two days ago. Very different vibe from the hipsters places...


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          Well as I watched all the Tiger flights get cancelled or delayed "for engineering reasons" I had a bit of time to kill so gave Skybury a go, not hoping much.

          Aside from the cup having been left in boiling water too long (making it hard to hold or drink from for a minute or so) it was suprisingly good. Again at 30ml a bit watery by my tastes but plenty of crema and the single origin itself was a new taste (presumably "Australian").


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            Last time up there, Dec 2017, I grabbed a bag of Sipping Duck whole beans from the small grocer next door to the roastery in Stratford. Brewing it on my return to Sydney I think it may be the most God awful drek I've ever drunk, more like volcanic ash. I was really surprised to see they got a special mention in this thread. As for Origin, I thought good on my first visit, but on return I could taste the beans had just a hint of a green under roasted taste. I also was there in holiday season and disliked their policy around paper cups for have ins. Ended up taking my own mug to the Stratford shop.

            Best coffee for me in Cairns was good old Genovese's up the road at Le Crouton sourdough bakery in Freshwater.