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Laheys corner, East Brisbane

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  • Laheys corner, East Brisbane

    For years, Visitors parking on the east side of the Gabba have struggled to make it there without a coffee, however, in the last year or so, this little area (between Wellington and Lisburn streets on Stanley road) Has had a minor coffee explosion. From no coffee at all, to four coffee shops in the same area.

    I decided to stick my nose into one of these, Paw-Paw. Just opened up behind the Green Papaya restaurant, this is a café tucked away out of sight to most people, Fronting on Potts Street opposite Foxy Bean (which is undergoing renovations and expansions at the moment) Paw-Paw is slightly confusing to get into, either you need to go through the Green Papaya, or wind your way along the footpath and parking lot behind the building to find the entrance. However, Once you have successfully navigated your way into the store, its an open and inviting area, Following the current trend of "rough hewn timber, old furniture and concrete floors", it has large windows opening out onto the street, and a neutral palette of colours on the walls.
    Paw-Paw uses Campos beans, While these arent entirely to my personal liking, the coffee I received was very nice, Service is at the table if sitting down, or you could go up to the counter and order take-away.

    Standard Linea with a Major and SuperJolly parked beside it (Im imagining the SJ is for Decaff, I didnt ask though)

    On the whole, Id say that this little pocket of East Brisbane is looking up in terms of Coffee, What with four coffee shops within a block of each other, on an obviously busy road

    PawPaw is open at 6:30 in the morning, Perfect to catch the inward bound traffic, If they can spot the little hidden road its fronting, that is.