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good espresso on the road from brisbane to cooktown?

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  • good espresso on the road from brisbane to cooktown?

    i'm sure there is great espresso somewhere in brisbane, so start me off with some of your favorites.

    i'm less hopeful, the further up north we go as the population appears pretty sparse north and south of cairns... which brings us to cairns? any good espresso recommendations there?

    how about cooktown?

    and finally, the slim chance of good espresso at some tiny towns in between?


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    good espresso on the road from brisbane to cooktown?

    Where abouts in Brisbane? Check out Dandelion and Driftwood in Hedra. Or Cup Specialty or Venezianos in west end. Or check out the "Good coffee where" section of this forum.

    Btw: Dandelion and driftwood just won best brisbane cafe!


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      we'll have a car hired, and are willing to drive to find good espresso, so anywhere in Brisbane would do. Thanks for the tips. Now, we're only going as far north as Cairns. If we find anything excellent Cairn's or Townsville, we'll consider it a bonus.



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        Coffee Dominion is Townsville is about the best there
        Look for Sexie Coffee outside Maryborough, good coffee there.
        Check the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast & Cairns threads re coffee in those areas

        My current favorite in Brisbane is LTD espresso and brew bar in Fortitude Valley.

        Enjoy the trip and report back with what you find


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          There are several threads below yours for coffee in Brisbane, Cairns and Port Douglas (just north of Cairns), and two, Veneziano and Di Bella with their own sticky above - both sponsors.

          Your best bet if you have a smart phone or iPad is an app called Beanhunter. There are Apple and Android versions. Watch the data roaming charges! They also have a useful website, beanhunter dot com. Most of the reviewers seem to be Australian so there is reasonable coverage of Australian locales, but not so much in small towns. I've also used it overseas in the US and Singapore with good results, although in the US it's so far only produced good results in Seattle (Vivace), Chicago (Intelligentsia), LA (Intelligentsia) and San Francisco (Blue Bottle, Four Barrel, Mavelous and a couple of others). It didn't work in Las Vegas, but there's no good coffee in Vegas! Avoid places with only one or two high scoring reviews; they're probably written by the owner or a friend and they read like an advertisement. Anything over 7 with plenty of reviews is probably worth a visit, and anything over 8 with lots of reviews should not disappoint! I have no affiliation, I just find the app useful.

          The coffee capital of Australia is Melbourne followed by Sydney, but you're not going there. Brisbane is really catching up fast, so you have plenty of good choices in among some poorer ones. Dandelion & Driftwood, Dramanti Espresso, Cup Specialty, Espresso Engine, The Frisky Goat, Toby's Estate, Campo's, Alen's Espresso, Veneziano and Brother Espresso are worth a visit and there are other good cafes away from the CBD as well.

          There are some worthy establishments at the Sunshine Coast and Noosa, but you'll have to detour off the highway to find them if you're not already going that way.

          In Maryborough you'll find Janet's Art Books and Allikats on Kent.

          Rockhampton has Sexie Coffee and Gus' Cafe.

          In Townsville try Coffee Dominion, cnr Ogden & Stokes Streets.

          In Cairns try Bang Espresso, Caffiend, Industry One, re:hab and Frame, although these can vary depending on who's working.

          Enjoy your trip!



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            If you do venture up to Port Douglas (which I recommend), Origin Espresso do a very good cup.