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  • Bundaberg/Bargara

    I'm off to Bundy soon for a few days, possibly staying in Bargara.

    Searching CS doesn't throw up much, are there any standout cafes there?

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    Well having spent a few days in Bundaberg and Bargara, I know why I had no replies!

    Indulge cafe on the main strip in Bundy has seriously good food, with fairly drinkable coffee out of their 3 group E61 and super jolly, albeit a little too strong and too hot. (The food really is great, and I'm as much a foodie as a coffee snob, it would be on a par with many places in Northcote, Surry Hills, etc)

    Today, without exaggeration, I had the worst coffee in years in Bargara, literally tasted like dishwater. And one of the most expensive too.


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      We've had a few trips to Bundy and Bargara over the years but never managed to find a decent coffee, just the expensive dishwater that you found... Luckily I packed the kyocera and aeropress and a good selection of coffeesnob beans..


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        as you have found, not much hope at the coast, there is a Zaraffas at the Wollies but no ocean views there, in town the options are greater. As Jonathan says, Indulge is a great little café, vibrant atmosphere and better than average coffee, just along the street there is Rosie Blu, not bad if Indulge is full. At the other end of the main street opposite the Post Office next to the NAB is a small arcade, Earls Court, in there is Alowishus Delicious, also a very well appointed café. At the western end of the main street opposite the Train station is the Spotted Dog Tavern, they have just refurbed and added a hole in the wall style coffee point, serving Natural Bean, passable coffee, tried a espresso and a macchiato so far, would recommend for a try.