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Coffee road trip from brisbane to cairns and return

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  • Coffee road trip from brisbane to cairns and return

    We have just completed a 4,600 k road trip over 2 weeks. Here are our best coffee stops along the way. We found that some reviewed coffee places we had searched on the net were not trading now.
    Sexie Coffee. 2352 Bruce Highway. Delicious coffee ( and chocolate treats) for all who pass by.
    Outlook Café. Auckland Point Lookout (Bishop Drive). Great Merlo coffee and the best steak sangers we have ever had. Fabulous views over harbour complex.
    Defined Coffee Mobile Van. Uses Bounce Coffee. Discovered at Ayr Vintage Machinery Rally. A real treat to find such excellent coffee from a van.
    Coast Coffee "Fluent espresso spoken here" Cnr The Esplanade and Shields St. Fantastic coffee and great food.
    Caffeind. 5/78 Grafton St. (down a little laneway) WOW so good. Excellent breakfast. Loved the ambience of the café. A monster cup with 4 shots if you desire. Tucked away gem.
    Coffee Works 136 Mason St. For $15 you can have a coffee experience where you can taste endless coffees, chocolates, teas and liqueurs (9 a.m.- 3 p.m.) Included in this is arguably the best coffee/tea equipment museum in the world featuring 100s of pieces many over 100 years old. Your coded audio device describes most pieces as you walk through.
    Jaques Coffee Plantation. 137 Leotta Road. Plantation tours, café, gift shop and adventure activities in Segway, gyrocopter and Microlight flights. Coffee fabulous. Medium roast beans made beautiful Aeropress coffee for we travelers.
    Mungali Creek Dairy 254 Brooks Rd. Lovely locally grown coffee and Ploughmans lunch plus yogurts and other tasty locally produced farm products.
    RUBYVALE. Gem Gallery Café. Delicious coffee from "The Coffee Bean" Devonshire Tea to die for.

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    Nice, what sort of car was this trip made in - something romantic like an MG or an old Jag I hope Coffee has come a long way in Oz in a short time. Only about 15 years ago the first espresso machine appeared in a "coffee shop" in my home town and I can still remember my dumbfounded expression as I watched the LOLs (little old ladies) who ran the shop putting instant coffee into the group handle baskets hahaha


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      Hi cmotd..We went in our much loved 2003 VY series 11 Acclaim Commodore which has clocked up 270,000 trouble free kms. We obtained 7.9L/100km (35.7 mpg) average for the trip. That was petrol. We downed much coffee also. We took our aeropress, Kyocera hand grinder and CS beans and enjoyed great shots when we could not find a café with good coffee. We used our iphone to search for cafes in towns along the way. Some cafes we found with much enjoyment and success and others closed forever or gone. We have to say the coffee scene is improving so much and there are many great cafes out there producing a good drop. Not always written up in lights either.