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Coffees in Far North Qld (FNQ)

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  • Coffees in Far North Qld (FNQ)

    Cairns at Caffeind. Fantastic coffees..never miss. Food incredible also. 72 Grafton St.
    Jacques Coffee. 137 Leotta Rd Mareeba. Take the one hour coffee tour to hear the story of coffee grown, harvested and roasted here. Also enjoy their coffees and delicious food. Has not been all happy plantings for Jacques. Now have 85,000 coffee trees. Great family story.

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    Destination marketing... is that ok?

    A study called the "Hipster Index" published by global relocation company MoveHub named Cairns as the second-most hipster city in Australia behind the Gold Coast, with Melbourne (fifth) and Sydney (10th) lagging behind.

    (See full story on ABC here: )

    I am not, of course, implying that you need to have anything to do with "hipster culture" to be a "coffee snob", but we certainly have a growing number of bearded baristas and artisan coffee roaster-dudes in town.

    Welcome to Cairns all you southern urban coffee snobs! There is a growing number of specialty coffee roasters (Sipping Duck, Tattoed Sailor, White Whale, Cruze Coffee and more) as well as a unique opportunity to visit local coffee plantations less than 1h drive from the city!

    If any senior snobs are coming up, let me know, so I can invite you for a home espresso, take you on a coffee tour and learn something from you in return!

    Oh, and there's some sort of a coral reef near by, and the world'd oldest rainforests too.