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  • Toowoomba

    Two places I go regularly:

    Ground Up Espresso Bar
    501 Ruthven Street. In the alleyway called Searles Lane off Ruthven St or Duggan St (street parking on both) depending on which side of the block you're on.
    Open 6:30am - 3:30pm Monday to Friday and 7:00am - 3:00pm Saturday & Sunday.
    Toby's Estate Coffee - Rotating single origins for pour over coffee, cold brew, etc. You get a free coffee when you buy beans which is almost a standard these days but still nice.
    Good breakfast food from the menu as well as a selection of sweet and savoury from the display cabinet.
    They've also just started a collaboration at the amazing The Bakers Duck, an artisan baker specialising in Sourdough and Pastries. 124 Campbell Street.

    Sleepless City Roasters

    538 Alderly Street. Shop parking available and a drive through
    Open 6:00am - 4:00pm Monday to Friday and 7:00am to 4:00pm Saturday. Closed Sunday
    They roast their own beans. Usually 2 blends (Crowd Please and Black Duck) and a few single origins available. Pods are also available.
    Nitro brew, cold drip, pour over are all available as well as the standards.
    They also do espresso ice cream, milk shakes, etc.
    Manual brewing equipment available to purchase as well as coffee. No free coffee with purchase of beans here. This has never stopped me, I'm a fan of the Black Duck blend.
    Breakfast and Lunch menu available on facebook pageA few options for food from the display cabinet but I have never taken too much notice of what's on offer.

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    Just to add,
    Sleepless City Roasters have a second store with drive thru at 360-362 Stenner St. This is in the same corner block as Pizza Hut and KFC.
    They actually roast the beans themselves.


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      Banter Coffee is one of my favs in toowoomba. Located on 229 Margaret Street. They use beans from Dukes coffee, and I find the barista to be really knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to sharing recipes etc.