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  • Best Coffee in Adelaide

    Im off to the fair city of Adelaide next week and would love some recommendations for a great cup of coffee in the Adelaide CBD. Saw some interesting places last time I was there a few months back but didnt have time to pop in for a cup. But this time itll be different. Also I tried to get a decent cup of coffee in Marion Shoppingtown last time, but was sorely disappointed.

    Any tips would be great 8-)

    Thanks, Belinda

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    Re: Best Coffee in Adelaide

    I save my caffeine quota for practicing at home so I dont go to cafes often.
    But recently I noticed ristretto on the menu at Cibos in Burnside SC and tried it.
    Pretty good. Took the trouble to hand it to me straight off the m/c rather than
    send it to the service point as is usual. So try Cibo in the CBD -- Rundle Mall,
    Rundle St East End etc. They seem to be trying.

    There is a small coffee bar in  Adelaide Arcade. Cant remember the name,
    but it was good two yrs ago when last tried.

    Lucias in the central market is an institution and can serve wonderful coffee,
    but they need to be trained in what you like, else will serve to standard
    Adelaide taste. Try asking for Italian style latte to get it done properly.
    Breakfast there is excellent esp Thurs morning.

    Avoid Marion SC. Absolutely.


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      Re: Best Coffee in Adelaide

      If you get down to Glenelg try Europa. Jetty Road right down the west end near the jetty.


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        Re: Best Coffee in Adelaide

        In the CBD, Cibo outlets are usually the best. Theyre about the only places Id spend my own money on coffee. Grenfell Street /King William Street corner; Rundle Mall; Rundle St/Frome St Corner; Gouger St.

        There are a couple of Illy bars too - Grenfell St/Gawler Place; Rundle St.

        The one in Adelaide Arcade (Ciao) - tried that about a year ago and it was pretty average.

        If you get out east (Fullarton Rd - about 5 mins from CBD) try Urban Bistro. They (like Cibo) use Rio coffee and the baristas are well trained - of the 50 or so coffees Ive had there, only 2 were sub-standard (which, to me, is less than a 9/10 rating).

        Lucias - Ive never tried it, but its an Adelaide institution. I nearly bought some of their beans last Friday, just out of interest. IIRC Lucias has been there for about 30+ years. Great food too.

        Generally the "coffee bars" in Adelaide serve what I would call rubbish - cheap beans (whoever offers a free machine), burnt coffee, burnt milk. Adelaideans seem to like "hot" coffee - so hot you have to let it cool for 5 mins before you drink it. The Italian style (such as that served at Cibo) is 65 degrees - I think. Thats how it is in Melbourne, or so Im told!


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          Re: Best Coffee in Adelaide

          Thanks Haz, Tiger and David. Shall try the listed cafes when Im in town and down at the bay.

          Will report back too 8-)



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            Re: Best Coffee in Adelaide

            Well, still in Adelaide and was extremely surprised to find a great coffee in Marion Shopping Centre ;D To be found at Delishes opposite Amart Allsports level 1 at the Kmart end. Flat white is very nice tasting, using Rio Coffee, very choclatey. This was a pleasant surprise to say the least!

            Also tried Europa in Glenelg and found it to be quite good with latte art to boot! Would definitely go back.

            Yet to go into the CBD.



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              Re: Best Coffee in Adelaide

              Apologies for the slow uptake on this topic, but its taken me a while to get registered. Must admit to never having found anything good in Marion Westfield, but will definitely try Europa.

              Cibo is getting to the size where Im sure they are having difficulties getting decent staff, because the coffee is more variable these days. Anything from very good (recently Frome St & the airport) to OK (the last time I was at King Wm city).

              I have steered clear of Illy on principle, but my partner says that the best cafe coffee that she has had was from the Illy on King Wm Hyde Park.

              Doubleshot in Wyatt St off Grenfell in the CBD can do great coffee. Run as a practical training espresso outlet by the SA Amanti rep who does the Noarlunga TAFE training courses. Staff arent there for too long and the quality of the coffee is very dependent on where on the learning curve your barista of the day is. Sometimes the best in Adelaide, sometimes not.

              If you have time then try and get out to Rundle St Kent Town and Simply Coffee. Free espressos and a chat with Pete. His roaster is out front too.


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                Re: Best Coffee in Adelaide

                Black_Dog, Id tend to agree with you about Cibo. I used to get a Cibo coffee about 2-3 times a week but then stopped as the quality became a bit too variable. If Im paying for coffee I expect 10/10 every time (when its on the expense account, thats a different story!)

                Ill give Simply Coffee a go. Im in the market for a new machine too (well, perhaps) and am looking for a second supplier - I wasnt quite convinced when Rio did their best to talk me out of a plumbed-in model.

                If youre ever going past the Vic Park race course, call into Urban Bistro and have a coffee - theyve been conssitently the best Ive had, but Im not a true coffee connoisseur.



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                  Re: Best Coffee in Adelaide

                  Id also add the Grind in Waymouth Street is worth a look. Nice and close to my hotel too!!

                  The owner seems to have recently changed over from Illy to Rio and I was pretty happy with both the ristretto and cappuccino I got from him yesterday. Im going back this morning to have a Frappe, it seems the owners are Greek, and after the talk elsewhere in the forum about proper Frappes Im interested to see what Ill get!


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                    Re: Best Coffee in Adelaide

                    Just got back from a long weekend away in the Barossa.  Always a lovely place to visit and a welcoming hospitality industry.  

                    Separation from my Rancilio Silvia made it important to find a place which made a good espresso.  I could not help but notice so many cafes advertising the wonders of their award-winning Barista (who never seemed to be there).  However, after visits to various cafes, the only place that stood out was the Lord Lyndoch along the main street in Lyndoch.  It was helped by the fact that you will be served by the host, Leanne who does not ever seem to go home.  

                    Attention to microfoam and latte art seems to suggest they care about what they do.  I think I will also give their Amanti beans a go (I understand that Doubleshot in the Adelaide CBD is the local retailer).


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                      Re: Best Coffee in Adelaide

                      In my limited experience and from what Ive heard previously, Cibo on the corner of Frome and Rundle St are consistently pretty good. Ive also enjoyed Simply Coffee if you can handle a short walk through the parklands (~10 minute walk from Cibo) and you have a lot of variety there.


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                        Re: Best Coffee in Adelaide

                        Id agree with Greg, especially re SC for both coffee and beans.

                        Ive come across a few of these Amanti places recently, I think
                        theyre spreading. Chatted with the barista at one of them, she
                        seemed impressed with the training they get. From the results,
                        Id say that there is a certain level of training that gets staff to
                        a point of reasonable competence and some consistency, but
                        nothing spectacular. This is a good thing for finding a coffee in
                        a strange place, especially country towns, but not for seeking
                        excellence. Also thought the blend a bit lacking in character.
                        Dont want to sound too negative though -- theyre certainly raising
                        the bar over much of what is around.

                        If I was looking for beans in Adelaide, Id look first at the local
                        roasters such as SC, Rios and the Coffee Barun (see link at the
                        left of this page).


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                          Re: Best Coffee in Adelaide

                          Sorry to bump an old thread, but a client that I do some work for has an office on Rundle St. On the corner of Rundle St and I think Ebenezer St/Place, theres a place called Felicis..

                          Great coffee


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                            Re: Best Coffee in Adelaide

                            Dont be sorry - it reminded me to say that Delishes is now terrible (circa march 2009).

                            Simply Coffee in Kent Town gives you the option of semi-skimmed jersey cream milk or get my drift. Frustrating and annoying when the owner/bar staff lorded it over a friend who wanted a skim coffee, and was told that "the reduced fat stuff is the best milk around and why would you want skim in your coffee?" (paraphrased, fairly passive-aggressive) while the coffee was unbalanced due to the extreme levels of tasty cream and what my wife and I call the taste hole created by reduced fat milk. Seating on high bar stools at small tables (about half of the seating) was uncomfortable and the initial good impressions (wide selection of beans, clean, roaster on full display (toper?), good range of accessories and cups) on closer inspection looked like a downmarket version of most of the sponsors (eg. nastier cups, preponderence of stovetops & low-end brands).

                            Bar 9 has just opened and is getting good reviews - would be worth checking out - as (obviously) is The Coffee Barun!


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                              Re: Best Coffee in Adelaide

                              I find Cibo coffee is surprisingly good. I pass through the airport nearly every day of the week and often pick up one from there.

                              Nice tasting beans but sometimes the kids serving will offer up a cup best described as lukewarm.