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    I dropped into Bracegirdles at Burnside last week after a late seminar across the road, hoping to have a good coffee, and maybe a nice snack.

    It was 2 minutes to closing and I was quite prepared to have take-away or even be told they were finished for the night.

    Instead I got offered a table, they took my order--a doppio ristretto, very short, and a pastry. The barista came and checked how long I actually wanted my drink and suggested that 30 ml would be his standard. I watched him clean and polish both before and after the shot, he heated the group handle spouts in the stream of hot water from the machine, ground, tamped, held the hot cup immediately below the spouts and watched carefully as a thick viscous pour dropped from the machine.

    It was brought directly to my table with the pastry, and as I finished the drink he asked if that was what I had wanted, and if it was satisfactory.

    It was so good I had to resist another. It was about 9.15 pm at this point and I need my sleep. ;D

    Highly recommended. BTW, the lime ricotta pie was spectacular.


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    Re: Bracegirdles Burnside

    This is where Fiefy works, who is the current and immediate past SA Barista champion. So Id expect as much