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  • Robe- Mahalia Coffee

    Each year around this time, I try to grab a break and this year we have had a wonderful week in Robe SA. Sadly, its at an end.

    Mahalia Coffee

    I had met Mahalia briefly at a Coffee Academy palate training course a couple of years ago and was keen to catch up and sample some of her multi award winning products.

    Mahalia welcomed me into her roasting domain, now dominated by a beautiful blue 24kg Diedrich with all of the bells and whistles (aka Thomas the Tank Engine) which offers fully automated touch screen profiling (that would be the Fat Controller ). Despite this, her hand is over every roast in true artisan tradition.

    Whilst in Robe, we visited almost every day and tried blends #2 and #4 and both are incredible. These experiences are invaluable as they make you reconsider everything you do. I loved blend #4- for me, the basis of a true espresso in a land moving towards light, sour and acidic. Its easy to see why Mahalia has received so many awards for her browns.

    At the machine are talented baristi and you are surrounded by all things beautiful in coffee and tea.

    Mahalia coffee opens Monday to Saturday 9am - 5pm and can be found at: 2 Flint Street, Robe SA 5276

    Thanks for your hospitality Mahalia. Your shed is a must visit for anyone in the area.