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    Hi guys,

    Saw an article on adelaidenow about this so added a few thoughts of my own, Adelaide Coffee Scene | Greg Pullman's blog

    Be interested to know your experiences.


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    Thank you Greg! @^_^@


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      Well, having visited Adelaide over the festive period, a number of places I'd read about and intended visiting were closed.

      However, I stumbled across Kicco on Pirie Street. Only had two coffees from them, including an espresso; which was about the best I've had from anywhere in a very long while. Lovely colour and viscous texture, it was bang on perfect to my tastes. They have some nice machinery (including KVW spirit I think?).

      Bought some beans to take home (Luxuria blend); which was what they'd made the espresso from. First shots at home have also been extremely good.


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        I've visited Bar 9 and Fiefy's on all my visits to Adelaide.
        I also made it to Coffee Barun on my first trip.
        Each deserving of a Top 10 position.

        I'll have to try the others next time.


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          Viva espresso at 70 Pirie St is amazing. Worth a visit.


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            While working in Adelaide's east end, I've found Sad Cafe (Ebenezer Place) to be putting out some of the best coffee that side of town (I never like to say 'the best' as that's often subjective). They use beans from Barossa Coffee Roasters which are exceptional and, unlike other cafes down Rundle street and surrounding streets, they only have a couple of Barista's which ensures you're getting the same quality pour each time. I'm there almost every working day and have never had anything less than great.

            I'm interested to hear of other places in the east end. I've struggled to find any that satisfy me.


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              My sister's always at kicco on pirie, and she's said good things.

              if it was 2 months ago I would have said come to my place on Hutt st, but I'm working through new beans and grinder and just trying to have *EVERYTHING* in order first.

              If you come past 13 hutt st, experience cafe, this sat or Sunday, I'll be spending this weekend getting everything I can perfect.

              at least we could chat on coffee, I'm sure


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                Personally, I'd have to say that Steven ter Horst, if you get the right barista you're ok, but that's the same as a lot of places.

                i need to see Remy and Violette on Hutt st, as friends work there, and they are incredibly popular for their food.

                east end yiros does a good brew (grenfell st) and he's got the best vegetarian felafel I've ever had.

                I can't really recommend anything else- literally.


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                  I like Bar 9, The Exchange on Vardon, SAD and Fiefy's best. I wouldn't disagree with any of the mentions on the list; Coffee Barun is great but out of the way (I'd frequent a city location though and I drink their beans when I'm on Queen street in Croydon... can't remember the name of the place they supply sorry.)


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                    Have to give a shout to Simply Coffee in Kent Town for their beautiful beans that have kept me a happy man the last 3 years


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                      Love Kicco on Pirie. Used to frequent Cibo across the road from it until a few days after Kicco opened. As soon as we had the first coffee we haven't gone back.

                      We are lucky enough to now have a dedicated Kicco coffee shop in the Bendigo & Adelaide bank building where I work now that caters to just staff in the building.

                      Also lucky that my local green grocer stocks kicco beans, so I can always get fresh beans when I need them with zero hassle.

                      Also currently a big fan of Pure on jetty road glenelg and C.R.E.A.M on jetty rd brighton. Believe the barista at C.R.E.A.M came from Pure and started his own thing. Both have fantastic coffee and some of the best latte art I've seen. Pure has somew Barossa Coffee Roasters beans on offer which are fantastic. Can ask for them for a 30c premium or so