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    We arrived on the SPOT on Sunday Jan.2 and most coffee places were shut. A trip to Penguin saw us at the fantastic Penguin Markets. We had a late breakfast of delicious pancakes and a pretty good Lavazza coffee. Our first stop over at Corinna on the Pieman River wilderness had no coffee (except sachets..oh no never..) . Next stop was Tarraleah and coffee at the much touted Teez Cafe ...dont bother. At the cafe at Derwent Bridge we were dying for a caffeine fix but saw the portafilters lying off the coffee machine so kept going. [smiley=thumbdown.gif]
    Hobart has some great coffee places. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]OOMPH in Elizabeth St was serving just coffees with no food until Jan 16th due to holiday break of food supplier. Coffee was very good. Villano in Criterion St was number one for us as it was for Tasmanians in 2010. Superb coffee .No wonder it was always packed out. 8-)
    Island Espresso in Elizabeth St was our pick for breakfast with excellent food, coffee and a great atmosphere. The staff were so friendly. Unbeknown to us until we got home when we were reading the lastest Beanscene we discoverd that the charasmatic young lady who looked after us so well with coffees at Island Espresso was the "My Coffee My Barista" competition 2010 Tasmanian Winner. Thank you Ainlsey White you were fabulous company. [smiley=tekst-toppie.gif]
    Bruny Island was a "make and enjoy your own " place for us. They do need a good little cafe serving great food and coffee at Adventure Bay.
    Heading north to Branxholm we stopped at Somercotes Historic Estate at Ross for cherries (delicious) and they also have suprisingy good Vittoria coffee.
    On the way into Launceston we stopped in the pouring rain at Hillwood Strawberry farm and to our surprise they were serving Belaroma "Gusto" coffee. Damn good too.
    Launceston saw Croplines closed until 17th Jan, and Coffee Republic also closed when we were in the Mall at 10.00 a.m. on a Friday. So we had a fairly good Bruno Rossi coffee (last tasted at Napier N.Z.) at the outdoor cafe under the shades in the Mall.
    On the last day we travelled in torrential pouring rain from Launceston to Devonport. Our plans to travel to more coffee places were cut short by flood waters cutting many of the side roads we took.
    So it was hullo Devonport and back to our beloved Cafe Indulgence in the Cinema Complex opposite the SPOT berth. Fantastic food and OOMPH coffee yet again. New management but just as good as ever.
    Tassie has so many coffee places and so many different brands of coffee that one could spend a much time travelling and trying. Oh to dream. ;D

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    Spent the last week in Tassie following the Targa Car Rally. Found some good coffee along the way. Will list them so CS folks might like to visit if that way.
    Croplines Coffee 1/76 Brisbane St. Launceston.
    Samuel Pepys Café (Oomph coffee)Yorketown Square Launceston (behind Grand Chancellor hotel).
    Blue Café Bar 2-4 Invermay Rd. Invermay (Launceston).
    The River Café 225 Flinders St Beauty Point.
    Gift Shop at Chudleigh close of Honey farm shop. Gioconda coffee.
    Red Bridge Café 137 High St. Campbell Town.
    Infuse Coffee 46 Strahan St. South Burnie.
    and Parklane Espresso 3 Salamanca Sq. Hobart.


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      Hey Herbie. I'm sure a lot of visitors will love the list. I want to personally vouch for Samuel Pepy's Cafe behind the Grand Chancellor in Launceston. This place was serving some quality blends and single origin coffees. I love the space itself too. Sweet Brew on George street also know what they're doing and again another nice space.
      Cheers for sharing Herbie


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        We appreciate you taking the time to let the CS world know about your Tassie coffee experience. Living here it can be very difficult to find decent cafe coffee in some small towns and not so small cities (for Tassie).
        Infuse Coffee in Burnie (46 Strahan Street) are exceptional and their love for all things coffee makes for a very enjoyable experience, especially with each staff members friendly nature. The beans they roast are of very high quality and they have good diversity of beans and blends. Occasionally roasting micro lots which are interesting to try when in store.


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          INFUSE COFFEE 46 Strahan Street. South Burnie. Wonderful to read and receive comments on good Tassie coffee places.
          We would like to talk especially about Infuse Coffee as it is a story of a couple of CS with a dream. In 2007 we attended Café Biz in Melbourne and Andy's day of imparting wonderful coffee knowledge to us. We sat next to 2 folks Rob and Cath who had a dream. That dream was to open a coffee business in Burnie. Last week 8 years later we walked into that dream to say hi and catch up again. Wow. We were blown away by Infuse. Hard work and dedication displayed a café specializing in roasted coffee, coffee gear, alternative brewing devices and accessories. Rob also holds cupping classes and teaches folks to get the best from their coffee making gear.
          Great coffee and home made biscuits to enjoy in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Also delicious Chocolate Coffee Beans which have been awarded a Gold Medal at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards 2014. They also have 24 coffee awards. The café is not hard to find as it is out of the CBD with parking nearby. Go and enjoy the Infuse Coffee experience. Rob roasts on site. He had started at 3 a.m. the day we called.
          We are enjoying Kimel Peaberry from PNG the Rob roasted so deliciously.