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  • Pilgrim Coffee

    Hey I was wondering if there are any tassy snobs who have been to Pilgrim Coffee?

    Recently opened by Will Priestley (2010 2nd World Barista Latte Art Champ).

    There was an article about his journey in the latest Bean Scene and I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to check it out?

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    Re: Pilgrim Coffee

    I work just up the road so Im there most days, sometimes twice a day.

    They run a 3 group Synesso Hydra, 2 Mazzers, one for house and the other a daily single from Proud Mary, 5 Senses etc (most of the quality roasters in Melbourne)

    They concetrate on more sweeter coffees, some of the singles been on offer have been great, Their house blend is from Axel (its nice)

    In the early weeks they kept running out of singles by late afternoon, but I think they are running it good now.

    Service is good but it may be a bit over zealous especially with new customers but they like to grab your name and try to go from name basis!

    I would put it up there with any good cafe in Melbourne, actually walking in there you would think you are in Melbourne the way it is laid out and it has that Melbourne vibe to it.The food is great also.

    Mind you there is also another great one that has opened up recently and that is Yellow Bernard (also made it in with small piece in the latest Bean Scene) Its small but my god they make good coffee, also a house blend and sometime some tasty singles, Also 18hr slow drip filter that is also great.

    Im lucky to work so close to them

    Hobart now has a great choice of quality coffee and its up there with anywhere in Australia and the world.

    Personally I dont have a #1 place in hobart but it depends on what Im feeling like.

    Pilgrim, Yellow Bernard, Villino and the Cupping room, each of them great and different in their own right.


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      Re: Pilgrim Coffee

      Yeah Pilgrim are producing some really good coffee which is a good thing for Tassie! We actually are getting some good coffee here now... Cupping room and pilgrim are my 2 regulars!


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        Re: Pilgrim Coffee

        Very happy to say that Pilgrim Coffee is awesome.

        I spent 3-4 days in Hobart recently so was in there quite often and each time, without fail, i was able to have a good long chat with both Will and Tyler.

        As much as i love Melbournes coffee scene, its nigh on impossible to pick the brains of those in the industry i respect simply because theyre so incredibly busy, so i really appreciated being able to tap into Wills mind and walk away with some incredibly helpful tips and bucketloads of inspiration.

        The way they present their cold drip was a revelation (and something ive not seen done in Melbourne).
        Unfortunately theyre not doing much with other filter options now as theyve found that Tasmanians havent yet warmed to it.

        Originally posted by 4E41465B474C290 link=1316608056/1#1 date=1316653466
        In the early weeks they kept running out of singles by late afternoon, but I think they are running it good now.
        When i was there the boys were sometimes running out of their single by midday.
        From memory they were just about to up their orders from 3kg to 4kg to hopefully see the singles last the day, or at least later in the day.

        Its great to see that the people of Hobart are embracing quality coffee (and quality singles, too), hopefully it leads to a greater standard across the board.