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[LAUNCESTON] Nanna's Coffee and Vintage

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  • [LAUNCESTON] Nanna's Coffee and Vintage

    I've come back to Launnie for a week or two after a few years away and it seems as though new cafes have spread like a delicious plague throughout the CBD. I've stopped by most of them and while there are a lot of places putting out drinkable shots, the standout for me was Nanna's Coffee and Vintage, tucked in the court behind the Quadrant Mall.

    As far as I can tell it's a one-man operation after a change in ownership 12mth ago.

    Coffee is awesome, barista is awesome, really friendly and happy to chat, prices are awesome, all makes for a really enjoyable experience (and the best ristrettos I've had in Launceston so far).

    Photos pulled shamelessly from their fb page.