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Prospect, Tasmania

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  • Prospect, Tasmania

    I had the pleasure of trying a lovely double shot single origin flat white from a coffee venue recently and felt compelled to share this info.
    It's in the shopping arcade in the Woolworths complex at Prospect Vale.
    It's in the centre of the arcade right outside Woolies, not one of the shops on the side.
    I'll be going back so I'll get their name, but this should be enough to direct people there.
    They have 2 grinders, a blend and a single origin.


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    So I am back again, probably for the 4th time since my previous post.
    The place is called FAB Espresso.
    I can't go wrong with a single origin espresso and a seasonal blend double shot flat white in a small cup (looks like a 150 - 170ml cup).
    Photos attached, hopefully - doing this from my phone.

    The toasted sandwiches are pretty good too.
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