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  • Coffee in Burnie?

    Hi to the North West Tassie snobs,
    we will be in Burnie for the day (on a cruise) and have seen Infuse Coffee roasters on the map, are they worth the walk from the CBD, or is there better on offer closer in?
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    Hi coffee_mum. You were sitting Rob and Cath (who own Infuse coffee) and me at a workshop Andy ran at Golden Bean when in Melbourne a few years ago. If you can go the 1.5 km from the Port to Infuse coffee do so. It will be well worthwhile. The most magnificent coffee. Rob and Cath have a great set up and I know if Rob knows you are a CS and did that workshop there will be a great conversation coming on. Good drinking. Herbie.


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      Thanks Herbie, geez you have a good memory, that was 10 years ago in March! I remember you and your wife, but not Rob and Cath, we will definitely head that way, maybe seeing their faces might jog my memory. Can't wait to try the coffee.


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        ...seriously good memory herbie!

        Another to try in Burnie is the Chapel. Run by another long time CoffeeSnob home roaster turned commercial roaster and cafe owner
        The Chapel


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          Thanks Andy, a cafe cruise it is! It will be nice to wander around and check these places out, with no pressure of having anything in particular to do. Now to find somewhere near Circluar Quay for a stop on the way to the airport.


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            Can second this recommendation for chapel cafe in burnie. My partner and I go there when we are off island. The roaster is friendly,pretty busy place.
            Food is good too.

            Haven't checked out infuse yet, will do that next time.


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              After some sightseeing we made our way to the Chapel, getting there about 11am. The place was packed with both locals and fellow cruisers and we got the only spare table. Being too early for lunch we settled for a brownie and a blonde, which were nice, but nothing special, with our coffees.

              I had the 'batch brew' of the day which was a yirgecheffe done in a Behmor Brazen, WOW, my first Brazen brew and it was a beauty, rich, full bodied, sweet, fruity and a little syrupy in mouth feel. Hubby had his standard large cappacino, which he declared to be excellent, he only gives 2 ratings, excellent and *ship*. It was far too busy to talk other than to order.

              We then made the easy 1km or so walk to Infuse Coffee roasters, which is in a light industrial area. The little cottage has been well set up as a coffee and coffee stuff shop and roastery with a nice new 15kg Has Garanti taking pride of place in the back room, sadly we didn't see it in operation.

              I introduced myself to Rob and we had a bit of a reminisce about that coffee and chocolate expo by the Yarra 10 years ago.

              I ordered a lactose free latte 'Monte Christo' Brazilian and hubby had his standard. The latte was perfect temperature and foam and full of dark choc flavours, the cap too was declared excellent, even better than the Chapel. There were a few home made biscuits for sale, but we didn't try them.

              In betweeen serving customers Rob was happy to come and chat with both of us on all things coffee, his story and set up, he's a very lucky and happy man to have been able to turn a hobby into a successful business, employing locals and providing great coffee to a large number of cafes etc. in the area.

              There is plenty of brewing equipment to drool over for someone like me, who due to distance has to shop mainly online, it was nice to see so much stuff in one place. There was also a good range brown beans, chai, teas and hot chocs to be tempted by. I bought a new group head brush (no pstage, yay)

              As we were leaving Rob asked if we were walking back into town, which we were, he then offerred us a lift as he had to do a run in, service plus! It was much appreciated, thanks Rob.

              If you are in Burnie, both establishments are worth a visit, both very different, I'm not sure when the Chapel would be quiet enough to have a talk to Andrew about his roaster. (Probably not a ship day)

              For me as a home roaster Infuse had more to offer,* but call in from 12 onwards if you want to talk as they are flat chat up until then.


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                Well done Coffee Mum --fantastic story, so glad you had such a great time in such a beautiful part of Tassy.