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  • Elevenses - Kensington

    Shanny & Thomas from Obscura have just opened a cafe in Kensington and on Friday night I had the pleasure of attending the opening of Elevenses.

    On the counter you will find a great piece of Australian coffee heritage, a restored 2 group Boema lever.

    In the grinders you will find a decaf and a moving range of Obsura coffees (vary depending on the staffs mood/choices). The blends go from light and bright to dark and fierce, (2 different arabicas and a robusta) all sourced from a co op in Laos

    All the coffee is organic (as is the milk) and Fair Trade.

    I tried 3 different double espresso shots off the Boema and all were great coffees.


    Melbourne bound side of Kensington Railway Station

    169 Rankins Rd,
    Kensington VIC 3031

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    Re: Elevenses - Kensington

    Great people having fun with great coffee, Im sure it will be a huge success.

    Drop in and try for yourself sometime!


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      Re: Elevenses - Kensington

      Nice piece of product placement in the first pic Andy.


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        Re: Elevenses - Kensington



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          Re: Elevenses - Kensington

          Aw cmon Andy ............... I thought your name was Freeman not McGoo!!


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            Re: Elevenses - Kensington

            Hey thanks Andy. Was good to catch up the other night.
            Fi opens at 7am now. Gotta love that train traffic!


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              Re: Elevenses - Kensington

              Stopped in yesterday morning on my way in to the City. Well worth the small detour. Great atmosphere and easy parking (FREE) mid morning on a weekday so thumbs up for that alone.

              Loved the Naga of the two blends I tried for my Palette and picked up a bag of Takeaway Ma Cherie for the Syphon which is a really nice brew.

              Good range of snacks and food for a bite to eat as well. To complete the look the Boema really needs a steam whistle on top to go with the nearby station I will return 8-)


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                Elevenses - Temporary closure

                Hi Coffee Snobs!

                Just a quick note to let you know we have ceased trading at Elevenses for the moment, until all the damage from Melbournes violent storm can be repaired. Not sure when this will commence or complete (all depends on Landlords insurance company) but we hope we will be able to re-launch in a few months.

                Unfortunately, this means that the import of coffee from the Jhai co-op in Lao is also put on hold, as we depend on Elevenses for the quick turnover of coffee.

                In the meantime, Tom and I are enjoying spending all this extra time with the dogs, and we finally get to visit all the other fabulous cafes in Melbourne, do the weekend breakfast thing, and actually have a life (at the moment, this still feels like a foreign concept).

                Will post more updates as we get some...


                Shanny Sena


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                  Re: Elevenses - Kensington

                  Gosh so long since this thread was updated with Tom and Shanny news.

                  Since the last post there has been Elevenses in the City in Lt Collins St Its been one of my favourite first ports of call off the train at Southern Cross station for the last year. Due to some issues Tom and Shanny closed the doors there last week. While that location may still be serving coffee under new ownership myself and others that know the inside poop wont be drinking one there .

                  Now the Good News Naked Espresso is due to open on the 5th of August in Lt Bourke St with Tom and Shanny back behind the counter


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                    Re: Elevenses - Kensington

                    Originally posted by 7A7D79767E746171767F180 link=1243185094/8#8 date=1311829197
                    Now the Good News Naked Espresso is due to open on the 5th of August in Lt Bourke St with Tom and Shanny back behind the counter Smiley
                    That is good news.
                    I was talking to Shanny at Axil a week or two back and she mentioned they were about to reopen but i totally forgot the address she mentioned.

                    Interesting space theyve secured.
                    Little Bourke between Elizabeth and Queen is home to quite a few great coffee places but rarely due you get the service that Tom & Shanny offer so im sure theyll find their niche and do really well.

                    Selfishly for me, im glad of the move because its an area of town i find myself in far more than up near the Spencer Street end that Elevenses inhabited.


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                      Re: Elevenses - Kensington

                      Interesting space alright just up the hill from BBB, some more pics of opening night posted here rather then clutter the thread to much. An interesting group of people along to chat too as well. Nic from Studio Movida, Dave and Ryan from Axil plus more people than could comfortably fit