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  • Camberwell

    Collective Espresso in Cookson st  opened a month ago in a very small shop.

    Despite the lack of signage, you cant miss it due to the two towering Mazzers in the front window. Behind them is a 3-group Synesso.

    Ive had a couple of very smooth espressos here (SO Seven Seeds).

    The guys are real enthusiasts, and theyre open when most of Camberwell is still asleep - 6:00 am. (7:00 weekends)

    Highly recommended!

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    Re: Camberwell

    I took you up on this recommendation...
    Fantastic espresso....Cup of Excellence Guatemala, blew my brains out.
    Made a delicious latte chaser using a double ristretto base without me asking when he realised i was a keen coffee drinker.
    Was using coffee from 5 Senses


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      Re: Camberwell

      Originally posted by 724A4356604D5B220 link=1249645906/1#1 date=1250349812
      Was using coffee from 5 Senses
      Doh! I knew the coffee had a number in it.  :-[
      Yes, it is 5 Senses.

      Had the Guatemalen Cup of Excellence this afternoon -very nice!


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        Re: Camberwell

        Originally posted by 3B3E34510 link=1249645906/0#0 date=1249645906
        Collective Espresso in Cookson stopened a month ago in a very small shop.
        Collective has really gone from strength to strength in the year theyve now been open and its quickly become my favourite coffee place in Melbourne.

        Its a unique little two man (or is it three?) operation in a small shopfront that only one long table (hence the name), but the three Mazzers in the window and the incredibly shiny and clean 3-group Synesso show how serious and proud these boys are about their coffee.

        Mark, the ever smiling and chatty Kiwi with the Canadian accent, is always behind the Synesso and does a tremendous job, both with the coffee itself and with his superb interaction with the customer.
        Easily one of the nicest and friendliest baristas ive encountered.

        Theyre still using 5 Senses coffee, primarily the Brazil Blue blend that i get lovely tobacco notes from, whilst they also have a rotating single origin on the go.

        The kitchen opened a few months ago and its putting out some really good quality, well presented if basic breakfast fare.

        Marky Mark and his, err funky bunch obviously love what theyre doing it and that translates to the customer, making for a great, fun atmosphere.