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Santuccis - Camberwell/Burwood

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  • Santuccis - Camberwell/Burwood

    1392 Toorak Rd
    Camberwell, 3146 (up near Warrigal Rd)
    Commercial link removed

    Went here for lunch today with the wife and bub.  Had heard several good reports from friends and neighbours, this is a new place directly opposite the well-established cafe "bliss".

    Nice retro-Italian decor, down to earth feel.  Courtyard out the back was good, but we abandoned once realising people could smoke out there...

    La Marzocco machine, 3 grinders, grinding only on demand, Pullman tamper in site.  Ordered an espresso (shoulda got a doppio...) with lunch, it eventually came just before the food.  I suppose good things come to those who wait...  presented by the barista (I didnt stop to ask his name) with an explanation that it was a Sumatran origin bean. (I later confirmed with him that they are supplied by Gravity)

    Damn, very very nice!  (Why cant I make them this good?) Downed it in two gulps, so smooth and creamy, not a hint of bitterness.  Could have perhaps been a fraction warmer, but thats being picky.  The wifes latte had a great rosetta.

    Lunch itself was good - eggs benedict for me, pancakes for the wife, fruit salad and scrambled egg for the daughter - simple and well prepared, but otherwise nothing too exciting.

    Two thumbs up.

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    Re: Santuccis - Camberwell/Burwood

    Hi Matt I freaked out when i saw Santuccis posted up here...thanks so much. So happy you enjoyed the coffee. Im very much a novice in the baristaring world but really take my time preparing a customers espresso you found out. Mum made some yum fig, pear walnut toast you should try next.


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      Re: Santuccis - Camberwell/Burwood

      Thanks for the tip.
      I was actually in the area yesterday and was on the hunt for a nice coffee/bite to eat.

      Ill definitely give this place a try when im next in the area now that i know a CoffeeSnob is involved.


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        Re: Santuccis - Camberwell/Burwood

        Hey my pleasure. Need to spread the word.

        PS: Thanks to Big Brother for removing the "commercial link" to the place mentioned in the title of the thread. Irony much? :


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          Re: Santuccis - Camberwell/Burwood

          Massimo, I dont think you are giving yourself and the crew enough credit. You are far from novices. When people in the coffee industry think they know it all, it is is usually a precursor and indication of mediocrity.

          x2 on the recommendation, Carnegie or Camberwell locations.


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            Re: Santuccis - Camberwell/Burwood

            And it would be typical that ive just moved out west from Camberwell a few months ago, was but a stones throw from your place and many other good places

            oh the joys of renting


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              Re: Santuccis - Camberwell/Burwood

              Good to see a very decent place set up in the area with some very lovely people serving today. Had a nice strong latte and a SO Latte (not sure where from). Deffenatly will be back on the weekend for some food and another nice coffee. Keep up the good work.