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Any good coffee/cafes in Docklands?

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  • Any good coffee/cafes in Docklands?

    I work in Docklands but am yet too really find a great cafe with awesome coffee there...

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    Re: Any good coffee/cafes in Docklands?

    There is a Cafenatics at the base of 737 Bourke St - The National Foods building. Its kind of hidden as it is in the back corner. Rebecca Lane and Village Street.
    Ive had a few from there and they are generally of a good quality.
    I think they have the potential to become a massive place once some of the construction in the area wraps up. EG: 717 Bourke is completed and some of the businesses in the Goods Sheds open up.

    If you havent tried them, give them a go.



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      Re: Any good coffee/cafes in Docklands?

      Thanks Brett......

      I already did a few weeks ago but the coffee was cold and although I asked twice for hot with 2 was luke warm and no suger.....I work 30 seconds away and was very dissappointed.........

      This was the second time in a fortnight I had this.......

      The coffee at 447 Collins St was much better......As that was my old building until we moved to Docklands so was excited when they opened up behind my building.........



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        Re: Any good coffee/cafes in Docklands?


        I have had about 6 there now for 4 goods and 2 bads.

        I dont have sugar, so that issue hasnt popped up.

        When you say you want it hot, how hot are YOU expecting it?

        In the past, I have found people complaining of their coffee being cold when it might be the first time they have had it at the right temperature for some time.

        Having said that, I do have a feeling that this cafe is paying more attention to art than temperature in some cases.

        I have not had a chat either way with the baristas at this cafe, but I have started to notice some baristas, whilst rightly insisting that the milk should not be heated beyond 65 degrees, dont actually get the milk UP to that temp.

        Perhaps if you ever give them another try, it would be worth asking them what temp they aim to take the milk to.

        The quest continues.



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          Re: Any good coffee/cafes in Docklands?

          Normally between 65 - 70 degrees....... but the last 2 occassions was closer to 45-50 I reckon............ummmm yep quest continues.....


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            Re: Any good coffee/cafes in Docklands?

            I was out there with work for someones going away night a week or so ago at a place called Renzos Bar

            took the gamble of ordering eatery coffee and was pleasantly surprised, server knew what it was and I got what i expected (should have taken a pic)

            Not sure of what they use machine or bean wise but would certainly take the chance on ordering coffee after a meal again

            Theyre on the new quay restaurant / walking area thing (first time in docklands so dont know the area really)