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Favourite St Kilda coffee spots?

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  • Favourite St Kilda coffee spots?

    What are some of your favourite coffee spots in St Kilda? I would put the Galleon and Leroys up there for me, haven't really explored the balaclava end of Carsisle street though.

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    Havn't been there myself, but you might want to try Monk Bodhi Dharma (just off carlisle street near Coles I think), i've seen a few good things said about the place but just havn't tried it yet

    You may also want to try il fornaio on acland street (near the corner of acland and fitzroy street), went there a couple of years back and had pretty good coffee but can't say much of anything recent or if it's still even there


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      I know the owner of Monk Bodhi Dharma, I only ever went when they first started up couple years back so can't remember what coffee was like but i've heard only good things about them since then (think they started roasting their own beans too), Il Fornaio is great, been there many many times many years ago


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        Recently had a fantastic breakfast at Arkibar on Coventry St, Sth Melbourne (almost St . Kilda). Very good coffee. Excellent food.