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Good stuff near King & Collins St, Melbourne CBD?

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  • Good stuff near King & Collins St, Melbourne CBD?

    Can anyone recommend good spots for espresso in this area? Thanks for any tips!

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    Maybe Eclipse Cafe (495 Collins) or Little Wish (510 Little Collins).


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      Thanks, Framey. You're a fount of Melburnian knowledge!


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        Cafenatics in church lane, the chamber on the corner of queen and Collins, Patricia is near enough too. Spoilt for choice there.


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          I was in staying in Collins Street, Melbourne this weekend, and so based on this recent recommendation from andreasb, sought out and had Breakfast at "Cafenatics in Church lane" on Sunday. I can vouch not only for the excellent coffee but also the breakfast choices and the service.



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            Patricia coffee brewing is really special, well worth a visit but it's standing room only and generally packed!


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              Wow you Melburnians make it tough on the tourist.

              I'm down for work, only have a brief chance before work to get a coffee, and that's it for the day. So armed with these cafes, although a couple of kilometres from where I am, I thought I'd be sweet.

              What I didn't realise was just because a cafes address is on a particular street, doesn't mean the cafe is. This end of town doesn't seem to open on weekends. At least none of these listed ones (but didn't get to Patricia's). Street numbers are weird, some of the numbers on addresses here either don't exist, or they're not falling where they should in the numbering system I learnt.

              Having read the great Sunday lunch at Cafenatics, I thought I'd find one open, finally. However I find it, and it seems to be being refurbished/moving or something - workmanship tools and crap around shop and shop closed. So in a last ditch effort, legged it even further in the heat and work clothes to the next closest Cafenatics who were closed.

              So, 7 or 8kms, drenched in sweat in my work clothes, all I got was weak swill from a noname next to where I am working. All this in Melbourne! I may be expecting too much maybe? I live in a tiny sleepy town, and our cafe is on the street it's address is, next door to +2 and -2 addresses, and opens on Weekends. I thought Melbourne might too?

              So a quick heads up for tourists heading this way. DG is not on King St but its address is. LW is not in 510, that is a demolition site. Apparently it has moved to 530, but I couldn't check as 530 building was shut. Who knows what is happening with Church Lane Cafenatics and the next closest one isn't open on weekends. 495 Collins either doesn't exist or does not fall in the order of numbering that I learnt.

              Melburnians, how about helping a coffeesnob out and actually telling us where good places are (ie how to get there) and if they open weekends. (This really blew me away - Melbourne cafes not open on Sat! What's going on in this city?)

              Rant over.


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                Good stuff near King & Collins St, Melbourne CBD?

                Yeah I'm afraid that pocket of the city is dead at weekends. Not helped by Flagstaff station not being open.

                You'd really need to venture a few blocks east, once you cross Elizabeth it's a lot livelier on weekends.


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                  I must say, Dancing Goat (which I went to Fri morning) was absolutely superb. An espresso of a Rwandan single origin roasted by Axil (usually has Seven Seeds, but was running an Axil this day), and a piccolo of house blend. Damn good.
                  Made it to Sensory Lab this evening when I noticed they stay open til 7. Espresso was very good, but not as good as DG. Siphon of Panama SO was very good. Some complain that they roast too light for siphon, but I enjoyed it. A huge contrast from the espresso, which is what I wanted. Picked me up from my failed morning.


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                    Found out the hard way that Patricia's wasn't open on Saturdays.