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    Bowery to Williamsburg is a fairly new café on Oliver Lane, which runs between Flinders St and Flinders Lane, on the east side of Russell St – where Coda is if you know that.

    They have a 3 group Slayer and Robur-E and serve Padre, but I don’t know if it’s Daddy’s Girl or Seasonal Blend. The Robur-E/Slayer/Padre combination means it’s practically impossible to make anything other than great coffee (although I’m sure some do somewhere) and this is no exception. I've had both flat whites and espressos and they've all been consistently good, and very much the padre quality.

    They also use naked portafilters for each shot and it looks like it's a double shot as standard, certainly based on the time they run the Robur for each shot.

    As the name suggests, they have a NYC theme to their food, which is all bagels, rye bread, smoked salmon, etc and looks seriously good if you like that stuff. Other than the accents (and prices), you could certainly feel like you’re in Fort Greene or Park Slope.

    One gripe I’ve got is that their workflow is beyond abysmal – I’ve been there about 4 times in the past week and each time I can’t believe how slack they are at making the coffee, but thankfully they haven’t been too busy each time so it is still pumped out quickly enough. (and it’s not like they’re being held up with their grinder/machine combo)

    So long as you avoid the lunch rush, it’s definitely worth a visit and I’d say it’s the standout of the new cafes in the area. The others are Brioche by Phillip on the corner of Little Collins and Russell, which is decent enough (Five Senses through a Synesso) and Tom Thumb, on Flinders Lane between Spring and Exhibition, but at $4 for a standard coffee, too pricey for me. (Clement coffee through a Linea, I think from memory).