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    After a number of weeks walking past the new coffee place in Mitchell St. Bendigo, (street running off from the fountain in CBD) I finally paid a visit. The Naked Espresso Bar does coffee. There's a fridge with drinks but near as I can tell, no food.

    Jesse used to manage t'Hooft, one of the better coffee places in town - the other was The Old green Bean - and h's got a Slayer 3 group machine & has a Costa Rica bean for black/macch's and Velvet Assassin for milks. I walked in and mentioned I'd been past a few times and just wanted to see if it lived up to the name - peered around the machine and saw 3 x naked PF's - he laughed and mentioned it was good not to get comments about clothing.

    He uses VST baskets - from what I saw 22g's but used a weighed 18g of grind for a double. That leaves almost 1cm from the top in the VST's.

    So, long strong macchiato - he watches his nakeds on the pre-infusion setting until he judges it right time and then flicks to pour - thick honey ensues. Because I asked for long and strong he did it twice. Uses the same double wall glasses I got for Xmas - a great innovation for delicate fingers although mine got inured to hot glass a long time back.

    Not a trace of bitterness nor sourness and a crema per double shot of over 1cm. I asked for sugar but tasted it first - didn't need the sugar. I can't recall the last time a café coffee didn't need sugar, particularly that strong. A truly delightful coffee and I recommend the place to anyone - I'd reckon it's worth a drive up from Melbourne.

    So I had to do it... I asked for a strong latté and got the best latté I can recall having. Those who have seen my posts know I don't like the plastic milk - this was so well made I didn't need sugar to cover the milk taste. Rich and flavour was across the range palate-wise. After taste was sweet without the cloy.

    I made sure I got a loyalty card - for the first time since I started getting decent coffee at home I can justify paying someone else to make it. While t'Hooft was one of the best, The NEB is clearly the best I have tried and I've been to quite a few based on recommendations from friends about 'the best coffee' in town.

    Come see Bendigo - plenty for the family to see so you can use that as an excuse as you 'stumble across' The Naked Espresso bar. Tell Jesse that Mark from Coffeesnobs sent you.

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    Just thought I would add to this. I've been back since... coffee just as good, but Jesse should pick up all the decaf drinkers in the area - he grinds decaf beans on the spot. Decaf drinkers (like me missus) get a raw deal - most cafés decide the $30 - $40 per kg for decaf beans is too much for caffeine-intolerant people so they buy pre-ground and store it till the decaf types have the temerity to dare to ask for decaf - so those poor folks get an undrinkable and sour imitation of a coffee that leads them to not finish their cup AND to never dare to ask for one again.

    Get Naked espresso Bar has a grinder under the counter expressly ( should that be 'espressly'? ) for decaf...

    Well done GetNEB!


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      Got to agree with this post; we've heard about NEB too from a friend drinking espresso swearing it was the best pull he had ever tasted and we were not disappointed; this small cafe just doing coffee quietly and nothing else has become our only out of home for coffee travel destination.


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        Cheers Michael - say hello to Jesse when you're in and tell him you're a CS'er... He also does fresh ground decaf and a superb hot choc... Great place...