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    There are many places to get a coffee in the Dandendongs, and although I am a local and have tried many of them over the years, I also tend to stick to what I like and will therefore refrain from criticizing the majority of cafes for serving awful coffee as my opinion would be based on the experience of a long time ago.


    If you are on a Sunday drive, the place I can recommend well and truly above anywhere else is....
    Little Elixar, in among the Mt. D. Shops. (opposite the Mt D pub).

    Very friendly, obliging and expert barista and staff;range of brewing methods (Beautiful cold drip on the rocks!); and lovely fruity espresso.

    Its a real breath of fresh air to have a place that really cares about coffee up here.

    I really wanted to recommend this place, but while I'm up here, my Mt D silver goes to (oh, God, here goes) cafe Beaumarchais (sp?? There I tried) which is in Sassafras three doors down from my old regular haunt.

    Mt. D. Bronze probably goes to Cloudehill. Don't know it so well though owing to sticking to what I like.

    Down the mountain in Ferntree Gully is another good cafe/ roastery called the Chosen Bean, which has been mentioned in another thread, I noticed.

    Interested in the thoughts of others on the Mt D coffee experience. Seems to me that there are many people coming up here for coffee, but not a heap of places that sell the good stuff.

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    Little Elixir, sorry.


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      Me and my wife went to Little Elixir yesterday and the coffees we had were really good. We were very happy with their service. I had the V60 pourover and the wife had a latte. I loved how sweet and clean my coffee was. I tried a sip of my wife's latte and found it was very sweet and loads of caramel. A relaxing place to drive to and enjoy a fantistic cup of coffee. Shortblackman you are right, I highly recommand it to everyone


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        The secret's out. They are getting busier by the week. Us locals are very lucky to have Little Eixir nearby.

        re the pourover: Had my first non- short black (in about 10 years) there a month ago. Beautiful floral flavour. Geisha.


        Amanda's, if you're in Yarra Junction, is a decent coffee... but I am personally "going cool" on dark roasts. Others might like.
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          After reading the reviews for Little Elixir I was keen to check it out, but they have closed down. That's a shame - what I read about them sounded fantastic. I can't imagine anywhere else in the Dandenongs that would serve a pourover. Had a look at the Cafe de Beaumarchais website and they look ok, but probably more focused on pastries than coffee. I've tried Chosen Bean - they were quite good, with a range of coffees on offer (roasted on site).

          There is a string of cafes in the main street of Belgrave and although many of them make a reasonable coffee, I haven't found any that I would regard as standouts.

          Anyone else have any gems in the Dandenongs?


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            The closest thing to Little Elixir in coffee quality - & they do a chemex - is the storehouse in mt Evelyn. So you have to go off the tourist road for that, but its pretty good.

            If you can handle the crowds ( on weekends for example) and the general atmosphere, you can get a good cup at the piggery aka burnham beeches.

            With the closing of little elixir - the birthplace of my own personal snobbery - I am afraid to say that the Dandenongs has slipped back into a being a place where it's easy to get coffee, but difficult to get a good one.

            down the hill in Boronia is Forage: industry beans. Definitely give that a go. Had one or 2 there. I thought it was fine - better coffee than the storehouse in my opinion- 1 grinder only at this stage, but wanting to do pourover in the future I understand.

            Belgrave have a string of places as you say, I've tried a few some drinkable, some not,. Haven't tried them all, but I'm yet to find a winner there.

            then there's my joint, in Kalorama.


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              Off the mountain again in lilydale. Yellow bird can't sing. ( That's the name of the place, not another of my keyboard slips ).

              thats a winner. He does filter & cold drip . Uses Chum Creek coffee. Beautiful faema e61 original.
              He means business! Go there


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                +1 Round Bird Can't Fly.......


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                  Yellow Bird Can't Sing? Round Bird Can't Fly? Are these one and the same?


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                    Oh god. I'm in for a barrage here! It is round bird can't sing!

                    yeah yeah... I was thinking of big bird at the time.


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                      I thought we were discussing Beatles songs off 'Revolver'


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                        Round Bird Can't Fly. Google it. Facebook it. Apparently it's named after a children's book.

                        Not a keyboard slip SBM.... ya musta fell off ya chair! ;-)


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                          Originally posted by shortblackman View Post
                          Oh god. I'm in for a barrage here! It is round bird can't sing!

                          yeah yeah... I was thinking of big bird at the time.

                          Sesame Street's great hit "Big Bird Can't Fly"


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                            And Elf, a Unicorn and now Big Bird as well. It's been quite the week SBM


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                              And I've not even hit the tropics yet!