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    That's good news. They are missed and months overdue for reopening. Being slow to update their Facebook page with details doesnt give a great deal of confidence.


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      I know this is an old thread, but I'm keen for some western suburb help

      While I love my flat whites at home, I just don't know if I actually like espresso shots. And I want to find out...

      I know that I make very average espresso at home (so I hide it with milk), I mainly play it safe with flat whites at cafes, and the couple of times that I've ordered an espresso shot to try, I haven't enjoyed them that much. It may be that straight espresso is too much for my taste buds... or maybe the places that I tried just weren't that crash hot.

      So has anyone got any ideas of cafes/baristas that are consistently decent west of the westgate? I don't need the best shot ever made, just something indicative of a quite drinkable shot.

      I'm thinking of trying Jack B. Nimble and Butcher128. With the feedback from you guys, it sounds like if I don't enjoy these two espressos, then it's just me!


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        Well I tried out Butcher128, and yeah, lovely people, lovely cafe, and great coffee!


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          Originally posted by E-Gene View Post
          Waffee will reopen. They are having some reno/staffing issues, but will definitely reopen. Owner is also away at the moment. Stay tuned!
          Waffee is still closed.

          Harrington Square has a new cafe called The Bird Cage. Selling Campos coffee and doing a good job of it, nice food and has a court yard out back.


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            if you care to venture out further west, grindstone at hoppers crossing plaza near the station and also at werribee plaza are very well worth looking at, always consistently good coffee and nice food selections too, usually a couple of single origins available and sometimes cold drip / filter too