There's a great new coffee option in Buller this season, the Buller Grind. It's a tiny hole in the wall at Grimus, run by Anton Grimus. (So you can have your coffee made by an Olympian!)

They've got a 2 group Linea and MajorE, running Dukes beans.

I was very impressed when I got an afternoon flat white the other day. The barista flushed the machine, wiped the portafilter clean, used fresh milk from the fridge into a clean dry jug, took great care tamping, etc. All the things you take for granted in the city but up on the mountain, well it's a revelation to see it.

And $4.50 for a regular coffee is damn good value, by mountain prices.

If only they didn't use Duke beans, I dislike their taste, but that's just a personal palate thing. What's most important is that there's a serious coffee outlet in Buller and it's ski in ski out.