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  • Best coffee/cafe in Melbourne

    In melbs for a week and want some awesome coffee [emoji2] any suggestions?

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    How about the 'Good Coffee Where? / Victoria' sub-forum?



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      Kewl, sorry I'm using Tapatalk for the first time and still learning how to navigate :P


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        try velvet bar near golftec in exibition street.


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          When are you coming and where will you be based?

          You should move your posts to the above sub - forum from Barry O'Speedwagon.


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            just came back from my 5 day coffee tasting bonanza in melbourne city, i've written fairly comprehensive reviews of the house blends/SOs offered by each cafe i've visited in the past week, but here's an abridged version for quick reference. I'll leave my personal rants and raves out of the picture.

            All the cafes listed are either within or are located within at most, a 15min tram ride out of the CBD.

            *Ratings based on my predisposition towards coffee which tends to err on the darker end of the spectrum (city-vienna). So YMMV.

            Brother Baba Budan - 2/5
            Seven Seeds House Blend
            Too tart and citric

            Three Bags Full - 3/5
            Five senses custom blends
            Better balance coming from seven seeds, but nothing special

            Flipboard Cafe 4/5
            Flipboard house blend
            Well balanced, great body, cuts through milk like a magic on most other third wave roasts even though i ordered a skinny flat
            Milk texture and temperature? Perfecto.

            Proud Mary's - 3.5/5
            No house blend, 3 SOs to choose from
            Chose the darkest roast SO, it was a good revert to norm

            St Ali Cafe 4/5
            Sensory Labs blend
            Espresso was nothing to shout home about but still very decent, had a very strong plum aftertaste.
            Had complimentary filters done the Perger way courtesy of Josh (if you're seeing this thanks again!).
            Extracted first through a LM GS3, then again through V60, very unique flavours, unsurpassed complexity

            Streat 2.5/5
            Streat house blend
            Claimed to be one of the darker roasts in town, but I bought my coffee from melbourne central SC instead of their actual cafe
            Wasn't so impressed with the grinds sitting in the doser
            Beans were probably my cup of tea, but milk was too hot and the coffee tasted slightly stale
            If you are keen, go visit their main outlet at mckillop st instead.

            Padre 4/5
            Daddy's girl house blend
            Sumatran SO
            Indian Kelugar Heights SO
            Wasn't too impressed with the first flat white I had. Milk was too hot i could barely taste the espresso.
            Waited for it to cool and the house blend started to shine through, nice caramel undertones with some good orange peel to match
            Ordered the other SOs as magics...and well they were both magic. Both incredibly smooth, none of that third wave roast nonsense.

            Market Lane 3.5/5
            Seasonal house blend
            Ordered a magic. Great coffee. Florals are prominent and you don’t have to sip too diligently to taste it.
            Best way I can describe it is like a filter roast that marries well with milk but still has the nutty kick down the end to remind you it’s still an espresso.

            Seven Seeds 2/5
            Read above BBB review. If you want sour fruits and milk in a cup, go here.
            I'll give credit where its due, milk texture and temperature was perfect.

            Manchester Press 3.5/5
            Cafe Cartel Roasters Blend
            Ordered a magic, body and mouthfeel was other worldly. It was oily in a good way.
            But due to the darker roast, the balance wasn't there but if you want a traditional good ol' cuppa, this is it.

            Hardware Societe 3.5/5
            Daddy's girl house blend from Padre
            Barista extracted the coffee a lot different than what I had yesterday. A lot more sours, but lucky the bean blend was versatile enough to pull it off

            Duke's Coffee Roasters 4/5
            Seasonal house blend
            If I were to fall in love with a third wave roaster specialising in espresso, duke's tops my list.
            Might be a little tart for some, but not as severe as seven seeds
            The fruit and floral lingers long after you've finished your coffee. Very aromatic roast.

            Pronto? Axil Coffee Rosters 2.5/5
            Seasonal house blend
            This was a weird experience. I've never tasted coffee this sweet before. Last time I did however was when I frothed a very high protein milk (which I threw out).
            Orange right at the start, very heavy mouthfeel and something about it tasted artificial. Poor milk choice perhaps?

            If you want any more specifics for the aforementioned cafes, feel free to ask and i'll endeavour to answer them .


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              What's a magic?


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                Originally posted by Deano View Post
                What's a magic?
                It's a means of selling less coffee for more $$. Abracadabra.

                It's a 3/4 flat white, there was a lengthy thread about it some time ago.


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                  That's an enviable number of cafes in 5 days. Thanks for your thoughts. Like the Dukes coffee myself.


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                    Thanks avex, on the train to the city right now and looking up those names on the way! Duke's is close to Flinders St station and gets a high score so that looks like my first stop [emoji2]


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                      there's a whole bunch along flinders. toby's estate's floorspace is a sight to behold. it's almost like a designer roast if such a thing exists.

                      didn't try because i was OD'ing on caffeine by then.


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                        Originally posted by Avex View Post
                        there's a whole bunch along flinders. toby's estate's floorspace is a sight to behold. it's almost like a designer roast if such a thing exists.

                        didn't try because i was OD'ing on caffeine by then.
                        Haha yes I know that feeling. Had a few espresso's at Dukes then tried the aeropress and filter varieties. They were interesting but the espresso was the highlight, very nice. The barista at at Duke's suggested a place called Filter but based on the reviews I read it seemed too inconsistent, some raving and an equal number hating so I gave it a miss. Going to the Fitzroy area today to check out the coffee action there.


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                          Originally posted by Barry O'Speedwagon View Post
                          It's a means of selling less coffee for more $$. Abracadabra.

                          It's a 3/4 flat white, there was a lengthy thread about it some time ago.
                          I don't really see how you figure that. A 6oz flat white with a doppio ristretto base contains more coffee (by volume and dose) and less milk - and if anything is cheaper than a 'standard' sized white coffee. By the same token, one could say a flat white is just a latte in a cappuccino cup... at the end of the day, just order and drink what you like.

                          @OP, Industry Beans and Atomica are worth visiting in Fitzroy; no Melbourne coffee crawl is complete without a visit to Proud Mary over in Collingwood and Code Black in Brunswick (or one of their CBD locations). The 3056 blend used for milk coffee in the larger CBD cafes is brilliant if you prefer a darker roast; the current seasonal blend is... good for what it is, but not amazing over milk for mine. I'd go for an SO if you visit the Brunswick HQ (which you should, even if just for the food).


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                            Best coffee - my house.


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                              Originally posted by Pauly404 View Post
                              Best coffee - my house.
                              address? Went to the Padre roastery in Brunswick, I think, had a few nice shots there but I thought Duke's was better. I also bought a nice Tampa and knock box there too.