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    Staying in Melbourne for a week on Franklin st. Anywhere to shortlist?

    Places with a great cooked breakfast that is preschooler friendly (i.e. not a standing room only place) for bonus points!

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    For just coffee, try brother baba budan on little bourke street, between Elizabeth and queen streets, or market lane coffee in the deli at Vic Market. For coffee and a great cooked breakfast, if you don't mind a 10-15 minute walk, then I would suggest North Melbourne. Auction rooms on Errol street or DiBella on Leveson street. If you don't want to walk, then the 57 tram goes nearby to both of them. There's also seven seeds on Berkeley street in Carlton, which is walkable, or catch 19 or 59 tram, then a short walk. Sorry can't think of anything in the cbd itself that would suit.

    Cheers, Dave
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      Auction rooms.


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        You are in the Free Tram Zone so anywhere in the CBD is within easy reach.

        Nearby is Operator25 on Wills St just off Latrobe.

        There's also Manchester Press, Hardware Societe, Sensory Lab, The Little Mule, Mister Close etc.

        Check ou Beanhunter for more recommendations.




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          Patricia is not to be missed - definitely doesn't meet the sit-down criterion, but waiting outside in the sun for a takeaway is one of this city's simple pleasures.


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            So, after a few rather dissapointing coffees, I figured out that a lot of places here top up their long macciatos with water.

            I resorted to ordering 3 shot lattes until I had a chat with the barista at The Little Mule this morning who explained that the closest thing to what I was looking for (50:50 espresso milk) was, much to his dismay, typically referred to as a magic.

            The coffee he made me (which he preferred to call a long mac) was the best I've had here. The Little Mule was very unpretentious, and a slightly darker roast than I had experienced at other places.

            So far I have tried:
            - Market Lane (long mac at Victoria Ave and double espresso inside the market)
            - The Hardware Society (FW + extra shot)
            - Auction Rooms (long mac)
            - Patricia's (white with an extra shot)
            - The Bean Project @ RMIT (three shot Latte)
            - The Little Mule (long mac)
            - Dukes Coffee Roasters (magic - mentioned it is also called a baristas latte [but recommended not to order it that way!])

            I found Market Lane and Auction Rooms barely perceptable (although my wife considered it strong). Patricias was better, but still a bit green. The bean project was robust but slightly over roasted for my tastes. The Little Mule and Dukes were certainly the best (perhaps due to the change in order), but I haven't had anything yet that comes near the best coffees I've had in Perth (which are a bit like Unicorns, even at the good spots).

            Still to try a few more places, and might have to give a filter a go too.

            So far, top of the list is The Little Mule.


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              Other recommendations are The League of Honest Coffee (Lt Lonsdale St between Exhibition and Russell) and definitely Proud Mary in Collingwood which has great food as well (but get there early if you can). Back in Nth Melbourne Di Bella Roasting Warehouse tends to do a darker roast style compared to Auction Rooms which I agree can be a bit light/acidic for me sometimes.


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                Aside from the normal mentioned ones,
                if you want to chuck in brunch in there, Hash is pretty decent. ( opposite hardware society) ,
                There is one up victoria market, i think its 151 howard street . ( done by code black)

                - just another student who lives in the city-
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                  If you prefer a darker roast and more robust flavour, code black 3056 blend will deliver. They use this blend for all milk-based coffees in the Brunswick roastery, but you might have to request it at Howard Street. Coffee Eclipse is another of their CBD cafes that I think run 3056 (others, like Little Wish use the seasonal blend, which tends to be very bright). You might also like to try Industry Beans in Fitzroy. Atomic (on Brunswick St Fitzroy) also use very dark roasts - too dark for my taste, with heavy charcoal and tobacco smoke flavours dominating. They supply a few cafes around the traps, including Ray on Victoria St Brunswick. One of the best coffees I've had using Atomic beans was at the cafe in the Vision Australia office opposite Kooyong train station; open to the public but I think only open weekdays.


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                    Cup of Truth is also very good - located in Degraves underpass beneath Flinders Street. But again, I think only open M-F...


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                      Thanks for the info - I've been back in Perth for a week now.

                      I actually don't mind lighter roasts (and typically dislike the really dark roasts) - I just found that a lot of the coffee I was drinking in Melbourne lacked any kind of flavour intensity at all (even in a 50:50 ratio with milk). Just slightly grassy or astringent milk.

                      Also sadly absent was the fruity flavours I love. Perhaps I should have tried some filter coffee.