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  • Rutherglen - coffee and wine

    Hi All! Road-trip time again, and again gripped by the familiar fear of being away from good coffee. Any recommendations for coffee and wineries for Rutherglen area? Also driving via Corryong after our stay in the snowies, so any info on coffee and food along the way would be most appreciated. Will also post in the NSW section.
    Cheers, Dave

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    The place to go is Campbells Wines (Campbells of Rutherglen) A Google search will show their page also.
    They are renowned for their Muscats and their Topaque (previously known as Tokay). The Topaque comes in 3 vintages from
    affordable to expensive. I have even bought one of their Isabella Rare Rutherglen Topaques , though most times I have just bought two of the lesser priced ones (but still so smooth and luscious).

    There is a also a famous pie shop with dozens of types of pies all made on-the-premises. Not to be missed at all. Again Google will find it for you.

    Coffee - take your plunger :-)



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      Don't miss Chambers (awesome, grass roots and almost in town), Buller, Warrabilla, and Cofields.


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        The Pickled Sisters Cafe at Cofields winery made decent coffee when I was there a couple of years ago. Plus Cofields wines were very nice too. Other wineries worth a visit include Jones Winery, Scion, Stanton & Killeen, and Pfeiffer's. IMO the best wines were Durif (red) and Liqueur Muscats.


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          Thanks for the advice guys. Wish I had the time to get to all the wineries, sadly only made it to Rutherglen Estates, Chambers & Rosewood, St Leonards (went for the food but the cafe was closed) and Campbells - think I'll have to visit again but I'd need a sober driver though. The only decent coffee I had was at Taste in Rutherglen. Took the kids to the chocolate factory in Corowa, they had fun making their own giant freckle, but the coffee was dismal.


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            We just passed through Rutherglen again - Andersons' wines are really quite excellent

            The surprise is the Bakery - Vincent's. One of the owners roasts coffee in Albury/Wodonga (dunno which!) and the beans are freshly done and the machine is wrangled well. Quite excellent indeed. Highly recommended!

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              I had mentioned before in a post above "There is a also a famous pie shop with dozens of types of pies all made on-the-premises." The URL for this is Parker Pies - Australia's Greatest Pie Shop! in Rutherglen, Victoria.
              ... and don't miss Campbells for some Tokay or Muscat from my post above. It goes well with coffee.