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Coffee in castlemaine

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  • Coffee in castlemaine

    Anyone know of any cafes worth checking out in castlemaine or surrounding areas? Just up for the weekend and gonna need a fix

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    Old info. Haven't been there for about 5 years.
    I remember next to the big antique emporium type place they were doing filter, but this was pre my eyes being properly open, so I'm not sure. But they cared.
    opposite is a nice restaurant with a woman's name.... Can't remember. That's good for eating.

    i expect there'd be more options now.


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      Beanhunter sent me to Run, Rabbit, Run when I passed through in January; as far as I can recall my flat white was fine without being exceptional.


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        Thanks for all the info,

        the best coffee I had was at the old gaol, synesso on the bench and a great coffee, which seeing as its kinda a touristy type place would normally not go near but its more a café with an old gaol attached with great views and a brazier outside.

        good coffee had at the Wesley hill markets - rocket roast through a rancillio lever, I admit I am a sucker for a lever but it was good.
        café opposite the markets was good and ok food to

        bunch of cafes in town ok but not exceptional, didn't try them all though.

        das kaffehaus by the botanical gardens, very diverse coffee menu if you fancy branching out, excel at cakes so worth a visit if you have the will power to say no to cake - I found when confronted with a large fridge of amazing looking cakes my will power is nowhere to be seen!