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Bloody good coffee at Lakes Entrance

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  • Bloody good coffee at Lakes Entrance

    I haven't had much bloody good coffee from that brand

    Was it drinkable?

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    Ah "the one with aroma" :-) But what sort of aroma ?


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      Must be a recent name change (used to be called Bakin' & Beans). The owner of that place also owns Vibez cafe further up the main street, also using Amanti beans. Both of them are probably about due for a service soon, I might be due for another drive that way.

      I might be a minority because I like their beans - of all the freebies we get from the many roasters we work for, theirs are always favourite in the grinder in the workshop, and we always seem to notice if we run out and someone puts another roaster's beans in the grinder.


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        Originally posted by K_Bean_Coffee
        I like their branding but not their beans
        You might be surprised just how varied their branding is - I think they have something close to 50 different brand names registered, with about a dozen in regular use.


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          We have a cafe using their beans locally and whatever they are supplying is drinkable. But then some other locals have upper the ante and bean quality from those specialty roasters / coffee in the cup consistently better.

          Probably for most cafe owners
          though it's often about the whole package. Free machine and grinder and ok beans keeping the customer and someone to service the machine (at "the right price")