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Mornington Peninsula/Safety Beach area

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  • Mornington Peninsula/Safety Beach area

    Heading to the Mornington via Lakes Entrance for a few days today, any suggestions for good coffee in those locations would be most appreciated. Anyone have a favourite wine estate on the Mornington?
    Sadly a visit to the Snobbery isn't possible despite the geographic proximity - apparently it's not acceptable to spend a holiday obsessively searching for great coffee...

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    Check out common folk coffee roasters in Mornington. One of my favourites


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      Thanks guys. Will definitely try them out. Cheers, Dave


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        Just to add to this thread, I recently went on a little holiday to the Mornington Peninsula area, and these three cafes I hunted out and I highly recommend

        -The Holy Bean cafe (in Rosebud): delicious coffees, and two different blends they serve up. Service was outstanding too, it's great to see people truly enjoying their jobs and being so welcoming to customers.

        -Laneway Espresso (in Dromana): really funky place, love the setup, and had a rotating (or a couple...? Can't remember) single origin. Both coffees I had were amazing. Had a Brazil single origin (which I don't often see Brazil beans offered up as a single for some reason!), it was served on a wooden board, with sparkling mineral water to cleanse the palate, and a few of the actual beans on the board which was cool! Had a good look and smell haha.

        -Common Folk coffee roasters in Mornington which was mentioned prior. Lots of coffee options and you can see the roaster in action right there.